The lampposts in Wilton Center are getting a makeover. First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice updated the Board of Selectmen at Monday evening’s meeting (Nov. 4), telling BOS members that lampposts in the town center showing wear and tear–including peeling paint and other signs of aging–will be refurbished.

The lampposts’ manufacturer is performing the work at no additional cost, due to manufacturing defects in the original outer paint coating.

Refurbishing work started Thursday on the first set of lampposts that will be addressed, outside the Barringer Building on Old Ridgefield Rd.. The anticipated time to remove and replace each lamppost is one week.

“We hope to have at least two sets refinished before we temporarily suspend the program for holiday decorating,” Vanderslice said, noting that temporary lampposts in the same style as Wilton’s model will be installed, so the area will remain lit throughout the repair period.

Going forward, the town will take additional preventive measures with scarecrows and other items, she noted, including holiday decorations, which are periodically attached to the lampposts, and contribute to the problem.