Just what do those Wilton Garden Club members do, anyway? While some might conjure up visions of old ladies in straw hats picking weeds, that image might need to change to green-thumbed award-winners from all walks of life who spend countless hours quietly serving their towns in a myriad of ways:  youth gardening, civics, beautification, conservation, education and more. Most women and men (yes, men are very welcomed to join) become garden club members for many reasons, but often at the top of the list is that perfect opportunity to contribute to their communities.

And now the Wilton Garden Club has a number of awards from the National Garden Clubs of America and the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut to show for its hard work on behalf of the community. The received the recognition at the Oct. 30 Annual Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut Awards Luncheon.

Wilton Garden Club president, Nancy Greeley was delighted that the club was recognized in eight different ways. “This was a memorable day for us. Our members work tirelessly all year long on projects benefiting our town of Wilton, so we are extremely grateful to receive this recognition.”

From the pollinator pathway, youth gardening with donations to Wilton’s food bank, to maintaining the town gardens and several more worthy projects, the organization demonstrates a definite sense of caring for their community. It’s something  the Garden Club members say is their contribution to showing Wilton is a special town with attributes people want to see when choosing a place to call home.

The awards bestowed on the Wilton Garden Club last month include:

National Garden Clubs 

Youth Horticulture Award:  A Certificate of Merit to the Overall Winner for the most significant effort in planting and growing horticulture in an outdoor area. The award was accepted by Youth and Family Gardening chairs Pam Nobumoto and Laurie Musilli.

Pictured Left, Jackie Algon Wilton Garden Club conservation chair accepts the Pauline Tyler Award from the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut

Federated Garden Clubs of CT:

Luckner Youth Award:  for time spent working with and teaching Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts at the Trackside Neighborhood Garden, various town gardens and the community

Youth Award of Excellence:  for engaging the Wilton High School students in all aspects of the club and in various town gardens and historical locations in town during its Internship Program

Award of Honor:  for maintaining a record of exceptional achievement, for over a period of five years, in upholding the aims and purposes of the Federation. Award was accepted by Civics chairs Suzanne Knutson and Linda Schmidt

Civic Development Award of Excellence:  for many civic projects, beautification of downtown by raising funds and revitalizing flowering baskets and seasonal displays on light poles

CT Tribute Award–Youth:  Garden Club member Pam Nobumoto received this award for being an inspiration to members and for her dedication to the club, youth programs, Trackside, Food Pantry and the Wilton Senior Center.

Pauline Tyler Award–Environmental Concerns and Conservation:  Garden Club member Jackie Algon received this award for her unwavering support of conservation related issues, Town of Wilton Tree Committee, Wilton Conservation Commission and Wilton Go Green.

Certificate of Achievement:  Garden Club member Elizabeth Craig received this award for participation in all aspects of the Pollinator Pathway; for volunteering as chair of the Inland Wetland Commission and Zero Waste Faire; and for being an active member of the Conservation Committee and Wilton Go Green.

2/ Pictured L to R, Wilton Garden Club Youth and Gardening Chairs accept the Youth Horticulture Award from the National Garden Clubs of America