In her nightly update to residents on the town response to the coronavirus for Monday, May 18, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice began with a sweet tribute to Wilton’s first responders. She shared that Wilton’s Police, Fire, and EMS that two Cider Mill 4th graders had placed hand-painted rocks with inspirational messages outside the headquarters of the Wilton Police Department, the Wilton Fire Department, and the Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps headquarters.

The girls, Olivia and Ria, were inspired by Olivia’s firsthand knowledge of, as Vanderslice wrote, “the sacrifices made by our first responders and their families, as her Dad, John, is a Wilton Firefighter.” The duo used this project for their “let it grow” school assignment.

Dogs on Trails

Vanderslice reminded residents who plan to take walks on Wilton trails with their dogs, that some of the most-used trails require dogs to be on leash. The trails where dogs are allowed ONLY if they are on-leash are Schenck’s Island, the Town Forest, Cherry Lane Park, and the Norwalk River Valley Trail. Vanderslice noted that there “have been ongoing problems with unleashed dogs at the Town Forest.”

No. 1 Question Residents Ask

Vanderslice revealed that the most commonly asked question she receives from residents is when will a particular facility or activity be available. While town officials don’t yet have information from the State about what will be allowed and when throughout Phases 2 through 4, she offered some guidance about how things likely will work:

  • Facilities that naturally have many touchpoints and activities requiring close contact or touching will likely only be allowed in later phases. She cited playgrounds as an example of recreational facilities that probably won’t open until later in the process.
  • For sports, activities, and leisure gatherings, Vanderslice said that what’s permitted largely depends on the size of the group.
    • Phase 1:  restricted to no more than five (5) persons.
    • Phase 2:  is expected to allow more, as 10 campers and 10 summer school students are being allowed in a group during Phase 2.
    • After Phase 2:  It’s unknown if more than 10 people will be allowed to gather in Phase 2 or beyond, but Phase 2 is expected to begin June 20 and will likely be in effect until at least July 20.
Business Resource Guide

Vanderslice wrote that the “CT Department of Economic and Community Development has released an online Small Business Reopening Resource Guide, which among other resources, includes a supplier guide for things businesses may need in order to open,” including PPE and sanitizing materials.