Wilton Republican and Democratic Town Committees jointly issued a press release on Wednesday, May 25, announcing that the two organizations will put aside their political differences and walk as one group in Wilton’s 2022 Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 30.

The press release from DTC Chair Tom Dubin and RTC Chair Peter Wrampe said the groups are marching together “in honor of those that made the ultimate sacrifice and embracing their common respect for this solemn day.”

“Earlier this year, I recalled that three years ago, we had the thought of marching jointly with the ‘loyal opposition.’ Meeting with Tom a few weeks ago, we found that we were on the same page. We agreed that it would be right and proper to put our political differences aside on this National Day of Remembrance and march together to honor our veterans,” Wrampe said.

Dubin agreed. “Memorial Day is the most solemn event on our nation’s calendar. We are pleased that the RTC has agreed to march alongside Wilton’s DTC to honor the brave men and women who have died in service to our country. This is a time to remind ourselves that we are all neighbors and that we owe a collective debt to those who have sacrificed for our nation’s heritage and freedoms.”

The committees also released the image of the banner they will carry in the parade.

The Wilton Democratic and Republican Town Committees released the image of the banner the two organizations will carry in the Memorial Day Parade this year when they march together as one group. (contributed)

“The DTC was really responsive and collaborative in planning the joint participation. There are no limits on the day except not to be political, and I look forward to this unique opportunity for a nonpartisan signal to the skies that the blood of heroes never dies,” said Lisa Pojano, RTC Community Outreach Chair.

The Democratic and Republican Town Committees are elected in Wilton every two years and represent their respective parties in town. One of their primary purposes is to recruit candidates and volunteers for the town boards and commissions. Without these elected and appointed officials, Wilton’s town government could not function.

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    1. I agree, mostly because I’m consistently disappointed in how little difference there is between the DTC and RTC on most matters. (when one side puts up signs about “Local Control” – with all of the racism and other baggage that implies – you most definitely should not respond to it by putting up your own slightly meeker signs also promising “local control”)

  1. I disagree. In these polarized times, I’m pleased to see civility between the two major parties.

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