Tonight, both the Wilton Democratic Town Committee (DTC) and the Wilton Republican Town Committee (RTC) pick their slate of nominees for the upcoming municipal elections on Nov. 3. Both parties are encouraging residents to attend and participate in the process.

The DTC meets for its nominating caucus at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room A in the Annex Building (238 Danbury Rd.). The public can attend the caucus; participation and voting is open to any Democrat registered to vote in Wilton.

The DTC has not yet officially endorsed candidates for any open municipal office except one:  the DTC has endorsed Deborah McFadden for first selectman, and she is the only person who has declared as a candidate for the office from either party. However, she won’t be the official nominee unless she is chosen by a majority vote of the caucus tonight. Rumors have been circulating about at least one other Democrat who intends to challenge McFadden for that slate spot at tonight’s meeting, so there is a possibility the Democrats may have to go to a primary.

The RTC has not endorsed anyone to date, but it meets to choose a slate at 7:30 p.m. at Trackside Teen Center (15 Station Rd.). While anyone can speak at that meeting, the only people who can move nominations, second candidates and vote on candidates are the 40 members of the RTC.

Several sources have confirmed that Lynne Vanderslice has expressed her intention to run for first selectman, although that’s not official. It’s also been whispered that there will be challengers who offer their names for consideration as well. Up to this point, the RTC has been pretty tight-lipped about who will be considered for any open board and commission positions.

Either way, it seems like Wilton will almost assuredly see a contested race for the town’s top office—something that hasn’t happened in 10 years. Adding to the intrigue is the possibility that there may even be more than two potential candidates for first selectman, an office that carries a 4-year term. Plus there are other positions in town up for grabs as well.

All in all, politics in Wilton is starting to get interesting.