After working for more than one year on a website, Wilton’s Economic Development Commission (EDC) has launched the town’s Economic Development website, The website has been designed for businesses to use as a resource when considering a move to or an expansion in Wilton, CT.

According to a press release distributed by the EDC, the commission’s goal is “to serve small businesses and larger corporations that are seeking an ideal location in the heart of Fairfield County. The Wilton EDC’s mission is to promote a thriving business community at home in Wilton. The launch of a first website is an opportunity for decision makers and their families to explore both the business and lifestyle of Wilton as a community.”

The Wilton EDC chairman, Peter Gaboriault, says the website is a foundation from which to grow and strengthen Wilton’s business sector.

“Our new website is a cornerstone of our work to help build new business opportunities in Wilton. We’re looking forward to engaging our local businesses and residents in the future,” he says.

“The Town of Wilton is grateful for the commission volunteers who have stepped up to lead this business development effort. Their mission and plans are taking shape now and we are pleased to have this great web site to support their work,” first selectman Bill Brennan says.

Through the website, visitors can access current information on Wilton real estate, the town’s school system, and town services and facilities for businesses considering relocation to Wilton.

“Our objective with this site was to create a virtual library of resources and links to help businesses easily find the information they need when considering a move to Wilton. Wilton has created a foundation with to build on as a dynamic business tool.” Wilton EDC commission member, Chris Fuentes, notes.

The Wilton Economic Development Commission was established by the Board of Selectmen in July 2012 and is comprised of Wilton volunteer residents with experience in real estate, construction, town planning and land use. For more about the WEDC, meeting schedules, news and resource links, please visit