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One Candidate has Demonstrated Commitment to Public Service and Making World Safer and Better

To the Editor:

Everyone should compare the life experience of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. You will see one has demonstrated a commitment to public service and making the world a safer and better place. Look at this sample of Hilary’s experience and judge for yourself.

1973–While at Yale Law School, she took on cases of child abuse for Yale-New Haven Hospital and volunteered at New Haven Legal Services to provide free legal advice for the poor.
1974–was a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington, D.C., advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate scandal
1977–co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children
1978–chairperson of the Legal Services Corporation, dedicated to providing legal services for those unable to afford it
1995–as First Lady, helped create the Children’s Health Insurance Program dedicated to providing healthcare to all children in America
1996–wrote the bestselling book, It Takes a Village, a vision for the children of America
2000-2008–elected twice as US Senator from New York; led the effort to ensure post-9/11 survivors’ health issues were addressed; won high marks from Republicans and Democrats on bi-partisan cooperation.
2009-2013US Secretary of State where she dealt with the most challenging foreign policy issues facing the world

This is only a summary. But it’s clear that this is the experience we need in our President. It is also a testament to her character and dedication to serving all Americans, especially those most in need.

Thank you,

Bob Sabo

Time for a Change in Washington

To the Editor:

We will have a chance to elect a new congressional representative on Nov. 8.

He is John Shaban, the thrice-elected state representative from our neighboring towns of Easton, Redding and Weston.

He has compiled an impressive record of accomplishments during his years of service. Recently he was honored as the “Legislator of the Year” by the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association.

We will really miss him in Connecticut, but we need to retire Jim Himes. The “times are a changin’.” Dynamic leadership is sorely needed in DC. The single digit approval rating in congress is a disgrace. Let’s help drain the swamp.

Send new blood to Washington on election day. Vote for John Shaban.

Jim & Hella McSweeney

Blumenthal Will Tackle Issues Relevant to Wilton Citizens

To the Editor:

“Protecting Connecticut and its citizens remains my top priority and purpose.” – Dick Blumenthal

As most of my Wilton neighbors know Blumenthal had an exemplary record as our attorney general. He:

  • took on big tobacco holding it accountable for deceiving the public
  • kept the Bush administration for from gutting the clean air act
  • led a coalition of all 50 states to protect children from Internet predators

As he moves into his next term as senator for Connecticut the issues he will be tackling are challenging, realistic and, perhaps most importantly, relevant to the citizens of Wilton:

  • fighting for health by cosponsoring the Women’s Health Protection Act and introducing a College Sexual Assault Bill of Rights
  • working to raise the minimum wage and in the epidemic of student loan debt and bring pay equality to every workplace
  • fighting for our families so we know before we feed GMO’s to our kids and by voting for paid sick and family leave for all Americans
  • helping veterans by introducing the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans act.

Dick Blumenthal’s colleagues in the Senate all acknowledge his thoughtfulness outstanding preparation and willingness to fight for the citizens of Connecticut.

Steve Wall

Boucher Needed in Hartford to Restore Trust in Government

To the Editor,

We need to re-elect Toni Boucher to the CT State Senate. Toni will continue to work for policies that revitalize our state so we can grow jobs, reduce the tax burden and stop business exiting from CT. She will help lead the fight to restore confidence in our state by building financial stability and growth, while supporting our families with opportunities to succeed and thrive.  This is a pivotal election for our state and we need Toni Boucher in Hartford in order to help restore peoples’ trust in our government. Toni represents the bold leadership that can produce the real results we need in Connecticut.


Gary Battaglia

Critical Economic Issues Facing CT Require Boucher’s Leadership

To the Editor:

Please vote to reelect Toni Boucher to the State Senate this Nov. 8. Connecticut faces critical fiscal and economic issues that require Toni’s thoughtful and prudent leadership in Hartford. Whether advocating for fixing a broken state budgeting process, cutting excessive spending, taxes and fees, improving transportation infrastructure and services, or eliminating unfunded mandates and unnecessary regulations, Toni will continue to work hard to improve the business climate and job growth prospects for our state. Connecticut can and will do better with representatives like Toni Boucher in Hartford.

Scott Lawrence