If someone told you it was possible to save $500 a year with a very simple step at home, would you want to know more? That’s what the Wilton Energy Commission is doing, with the following information, Energy Commission member Rich Hubli. 

Unbelievable but true. Let’s say your monthly electric bill is $150. At 25%, that’s $37.50 per month, or $450 per year. Over 20 years, that’s a whopping $9,000! Got your attention?  I hope so. Besides saving you money, you can help our precious environment by reducing your use of fossil fuels and reducing the amount of carbon you release into the atmosphere. How many households are still using all incandescent bulbs? My conservative guess is 25-50%, so there is a lot of opportunity for improvement.

You can do something about it quickly and inexpensively today! The light bulb was a great invention by Thomas Edison. It replaced candles and oil lamps with lighting generated by electricity. In the years since Mr. Edison invented the light bulb, technology has moved on to halogen bulbs, then to compact florescent lighting (CFL’s), and ultimately to light emitting diodes (LED’s). This is the same stuff computer chips are made of.

LED lighting is dependable, efficient, and effective. Manufacturing improvements have allowed for LEDs to be produced in numerous formats and shapes at an attractive cost. It’s time to take down the incandescent and CFL bulbs, and to convert fully to LED. It’s as simple as screwing in a bulb!

Here are the facts @ 800 Lumens of Light:

Watts Required60431310
Cost/Year ($)8.025.741.741.34
Rated Life (Yrs)11-36-1015-20
% Savings vs. Incandescent 28%78%83%

(Source:  Department of Energy, average single-family home @11 cents/kWh, 3Hrs/Day)

For the same 60 watts of incandescent light, you can install LED bulbs that consume only 10 watts, save you 83% a year, last 15-20 years longer, and help to save our planet. Doesn’t this sound like a “no brainer?”

So purchase your LED’s and join those making the switch! Visit your local hardware store or any major retailer. They all carry a variety of LED bulbs, with different intensities and colors to suit your liking. You can also purchase LED bulbs on-line and have them delivered to your doorstep.

The Wilton Energy Commission is here to help our community conserve energy and be more efficient with energy use.  Should you have any ideas involving programs that we can support, please let us know.