Last Thursday, Jan. 17, Wilton Go Green held its annual awards ceremony, honoring individuals who have made exceptional contributions to sustainability in the Town of Wilton.

The awards ceremony, which was held at the home of Tina and Woodson Duncan, marked the fifth year of Wilton Go Green’s awards. Members of the Wilton Go Green board, committee members and friends of the town were in attendance, including State Senator Will Haskell and State Representative Gail Lavielle.

The Green Business Leader Award was presented to Norma Stockmar, the branch manager of the Wilton Center Chase Bank, for the “positive impact that she has created with Wilton’s business community while advancing exemplary sustainable business practices.”

The Green Energy Leader Award, presented to Debra Thompson-Van, former chair of the Wilton Energy Commission, recognized “…her technical leadership skills that have resulted in the Town of Wilton’s exemplary achievements in solar power installations, energy cost reductions that benefit all town residents, and other long-range energy planning initiatives.”

The Zero Waste Schools Program Hero Award was presented to the Wilton Zero Waste Schools Teamconsisting of Elizabeth McKay, Vivian Lee-Shiue, Tammy Thornton, Laura Rowley, Nicole Northway, Heather Priest, andNicola Davies. This team has worked persistently “in the trenches” to execute the plan initiated by the Wilton Go Green Zero Waste planning committee to ensure the success of the program.  The award applauds the recipients’ “innovative leadership skills that have resulted in the Wilton school system’s exemplary waste reduction initiative, and in setting new standards for environmentally responsible living.”

The Green Teacher Award was presented to Jim Lucey, recognizing his 30 years as a dedicated teacher and environmental steward as the head of the science department at Wilton High School. The award recognized “the substantial positive impact that he has made on the Town of Wilton’s high school students, advancing scientific expertise about the natural world while encouraging environmentally responsible lifestyles.”

The Green Organization Award, presented to Pam Brown of the Wilton Congregational Church, recognized “the substantial positive impact that she has created in the Town of Wilton, advancing the awareness and adoption of sustainability practices in a religious institution.”

The Energizer Bunny Award, presented by Eve Silverman, who was the first recipient of this award in 2015, to Tammy Thornton for “the mysterious ways in which she powers through the innumerable challenges that are encountered as she assists her fellow Wiltonians to increase the effectiveness and visibility of the Wilton Go Green mission.”

The mission of Wilton Go Green is to help make Wilton the most sustainable town in Connecticut. Through its many initiatives spanning residential, schools, business and municipal life, Wilton Go Green has helped to lead Wilton toward achieving this goal.  Its most notable efforts include the Wilton No Idling program, the Wilton Zero Waste Schools initiative, the Green Speaker Series, and the Zero Waste Faire. Wilton Go Green is also working with the business community on a Skip the Straw and Plastic Bag Ban effort. The 2nd annual Zero Waste Faire will be held on March 23 at the Wilton High School Field House.