The Wilton High School boys and girls ski teams celebrated first place Class S finishes in their second race of the CISL (Connecticut Interscholastic Ski League) season on Jan. 16 at Mount Southington.

Racing against Danbury, Cheshire Academy and Hand (Madison), Wilton girls and boys both achieved a 3-0 record, bringing the girls to 5-2 and the boys to 5-0 for the season. Additionally, both Wilton boys and girls took second place overall behind rival Ridgefield (Class L; 278.61). Wilton boys’ team time was 278.61, a mere .3 second behind Ridgefield and nearly 10 seconds faster than its closest Class S competitor Hand (287.37).

Wilton’s Theoharides brothers led the boys with senior August (45.55) finishing third and sophomore Christian (45.92) taking sixth out of 154 skiers overall (Classes S and L). Sophomore Ryan van Heyst (46.31) and junior Dominick Polito (46.62) were close behind in 8th and 9th place. Also scoring for Wilton were junior Philip Klinga (46.93) and senior Scott Verrilli (47.28).

Wilton girls achieved the top Class S time of 298.89, followed by Hand (300.17), Cheshire Academy (333.42) and Danbury (369.13). Class L Ridgefield scored 292.63. Wilton sophomore Kira Howard (45.91) was – for the second consecutive race this season – the overall winner of more than 130 racers (for Classes S and L). Also scoring for Wilton were senior co-captain Emily O’Brien (48.72); freshman Sophia Polito (49.89); sophomore Alexandra Magnusson (51.09); and senior co-captains Hope Ullman (51.3) and Emily Welch (51.98). Junior Megan Kaeyer (53.62) and sophomore Lexi Hine (54.38) were close behind as well.

Wilton is scheduled to race next on Thursday, Jan. 24, at Mount Southington against Cheshire, Farmington, Gilbert, Glastonbury, Pomperaug and Staples.

Wilton Boys Varsity Results

August Theoharides 45.55
Christian Theoharides 45.92
Ryan Van Heyst 46.31
Dominick Polito 46.62
Philip Klinga 46.93
Scott Verrilli 47.28
Ryan Leung 48.45
Ben Leung 49.03
Jake Zeyher 49.31
Conner Roman 50.48

Wilton Girls Varsity Results

Kira Howard 45.91
Emily O’Brien 48.72
Sophia Polito 49.89
Alexandra Magnusson 51.09
Hope Ulmann 51.3
Emily Welch 51.98
Megan Kaeyer 53.62
Lexi Hine 54.38
Abby Kyle 56.57
Annika Wisdom 56.79