On the evening of Wednesday, May 25, Wilton High School students were recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to the art, music, and theater departments at the annual Fine and Performing Arts (FAPA) award ceremony. The awards ceremony honors students — primarily seniors — with scholarships and other awards granted by WHS faculty and other organizations including Wilton Children’s Theatre, Weir Farm, The Greens at Cannondale, the Ambler Trust, WHS Music Boosters, Wilton Singers, Theater Arts Association, the Fairfield County Community Foundation and the WHS PTSA.

The ceremony, held in the Little Theater at Wilton High School, was a special opportunity to recognize many hard-working and dedicated artists, performers, and musicians. 

While there are over 50 awards total, one student is awarded the prestigious Fine and Performing Arts Award Scholarship sponsored by the WHS Music Boosters and the Theater Arts Association each year for demonstrating exemplary dedication, leadership, and passion for the arts for all four years. The winner must be involved with at least three separate art departments at WHS and this year, it was awarded to Caelah Kennedy.

Congratulations to all the deserving FAPA students.

FAPA Award, Scholarship sponsored by the WHS Music Boosters, Theater Arts Association, and Art Department: Caelah Kennedy

Junior Book Award: Lucy Beach


PTSA Book Award for Band: Michael Soojian

Director’s Award for Band, Scholarship sponsored by David F. Clune in honor of John Rhodes: John Kelly 

Louis Armstrong National Jazz Award, Scholarship sponsored by The Ambler Trust in honor of John Rhodes: Ciara Garcia

John Philip Sousa National Band Award, Scholarship sponsored by the Ambler Trust in honor of Chip Gawle: Jacob Katz


PTSA Book Award for Chorus: Ellie Bloss

Director’s Award for Chorus, sponsored by the WHS Music Boosters: Edwin Gregory

National School Choral Award: Matthew Huang

National School Choral Award: Aki Lasher

Wilton Singers Scholarship, sponsored by the Wilton Singers: ​​Matthew Huang

Wilton Singers Scholarship, sponsored by the Wilton Singers: Aki Lasher 


PTSA Book Award for Orchestra: Shriya Chelluboina

Director’s Award for Orchestra, Scholarship sponsored by the WHS Music Boosters: Anjo Therattil

National School Orchestra Award, Scholarship sponsored by the Ambler Trust in honor of Marty Meade: Matthew Huang


PTSA Book Award: Kennedy Thomas

Wilton Children’s Theater Awards: Margot DePeugh, Riley Luchetta, Molly DeLuca, Caelah Kennedy, Kathryn Stein, Aki Lasher

Theater Arts Association (TAA) Awards: Aki Lasher, Matthew Huang

The Yes, And… Award: Taylor Spezzano

Batting Average Improv Award: Kathryn Stein

Little Theater Company Scholarship: Margot DePeugh, Aki Lasher, Lauren Parrotta, Molly DeLuca, Riley Luchetta

2021 Rookie of the Year: Finn Ryder

The Golden Curtain Award: Jenna Bonafide

The Producer’s Award: Molly DeLuca

Fine Art

PTA Reflections Contest: Rachna Narayanan, Charlotte Casiraghi, Keerthi Vijay, Jordan Huff, Meredith Mobyed, Mihika Shukla

Scholastic Art Award Winners: ​​Amira Srivastava, Jordan Huff, Meredith Mobyed, Bernie Huang, Charlotte Casiraghi, Jessica Fang, Caelah Kennedy, Alexandra Giller, Colton Hall, Cindy Rodriguez, Hunter Martin

AP Students Portfolios: Aislynn Conway, Caelah Kennedy, Amira Srivastava, Rachna Narayanan, Griffin Turner, Jenna Soltis, Caroline Yoon, Emma Lusignan

Inclusion Mural Design: Alexandra Cole

The Greens and Meadows Holiday Card Award: Daniella Coltman

Charles A. Dana Award: Hannah Pettibone

Ambler Trust Scholarship in Honor of Rusty Hurd: Luke Schwartz

Ambler Trust Scholarship in Honor of Chip Zellner: Mihika Shukla

Heart of the Arts Award: Luke Schwartz

Friends of Weir Farm Award: Jordan Huff

2022 Art Scholarship: Meredith Mobyed, Aislynn Conway

Robert Lassen Award: Aidan Thornbrough

Echelon Awards: Amelia Tomas, Annabelle Lord

PTSA Book Awards — Ceramics: Caelah Kennedy

PTSA Book Awards — Photography: Aidan Thornbrough

PTSA Book Awards — Sculpture: Ciara Garcia

PTSA Book Awards — Painting: ​​Sophia Shipman

PTSA Book Awards — Drawing: Hannah Pettibone

PTSA Book Awards — Computer Graphics: Zach Schwartz

​​PTSA Book Awards — Fashion: Lila Fagel

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  1. Congratulations to all of the award winners and best of luck going forward – well done!

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