Last week, the Wilton Kiwanis Club presented a gift of $5,000 to the Friends of the Norwalk River Valley Trail to help with trail expansion of the NRVT’s East Loop beyond Skunk Lane.

“In addition to the many contributions of our members, we are proud as an organization to support the NRVT,” said Kiwanis president Greg Chann. “Especially amid the challenges of COVID-19, the Trail has and will become a treasured part of Wilton.”

The NRVT is in the process of building a 30-mile long trail from Long Island Sound in Norwalk to Danbury’s Tarrywile Park. Portions of the trail currently exist in Norwalk and Wilton, with new trail under construction now in Norwalk and Wilton and a section in Redding this fall.

The next Wilton section will cross Skunk Lane and enter what NRVT officials call “one of the most beautiful portions of the Wilton Loop.” While the required boardwalk makes the section more expensive, they add that it will provide “greater opportunities for people to enjoy a true wetlands area and gain a greater appreciation for a vital ecosystem that’s rarely accessible.”

The next section will be 1,070 ft. long and will include a 790-ft. boardwalk, plus 280 ft. of trail. Building this wetlands section will cost $538,200; the Friends of the NRVT has already raised nearly $400,000.

“The NRVT is grateful for the generous donation from the Wilton Kiwanis for the expansion of the NRVT’s Wilton East Loop. Extending this very well-loved trail segment is a plus for all. Many thanks to the Kiwanis who have been steadfast supporters of the NRVT,” Beth J. Merrill, NRVT Executive Director, said.

(pictured above, L-R): Jack McFadden, Past President, Wilton Kiwanis; Greg Chann, President, Wilton Kiwanis; Beth Merrill, Executive Director, Norwalk River Valley Trail; Mary Anne Franco, Past President, Wilton Kiwanis; Charlie Taney; President, Norwalk River Valley Trail; Dave Hapke, Chair, Wilton Kiwanis Contributions Committee. Photo by Michael Franco.