Following what officials say was a credible security threat and lockdown at Westport’s Staples High School on Tuesday, Westport Police held a press conference to update the public and the press about the events. They reported that a student was overheard making a threat to shoot a teacher; the student who overheard the threat told school administrators, who called police.

Police investigated and discovered that the student in question “had thoughts” about planning a mass shooting event at the school. Police seized multiple weapons from the student’s home that belonged to the student’s father, which they said were “the type used in other mass shootings.” Police say those firearms were locked in a safe, but that other weapons that were located out of state had not yet been accounted for.

The student who made the threat was taken into police custody and was evaluated at a medical facility. Police credited the student who reported hearing the threat with averting a possible mass shooting.

Wilton legislators were present at the press conference and were asked questions about their own support for gun legislation in Connecticut. State Rep. Gail Lavielle and State Sen. Toni Boucher both discussed their records and opinions on the issue of gun control and school safety.