Nineteen aspiring leaders from the Wilton High School’s Model Congress triumphed yet again this past weekend at Yale’s 2016 Model Congress (December 1-4).

Half of the WHS Model Congress students were awarded for their outstanding legislative and debate skills this weekend. The Best Legislation Award was given to students with the best written legislation in their committee, the Honorable Mention Award recognized those who finished among the top in their committee, and the Best Delegate Award honored the best performing delegate in each committee.

Wilton students were also recognized for their achievements while legislating in full chamber debates (House of Representatives and Senate) during full session, which amounted to over one hundred other students per debate. The following students were recognized for their achievements:

Best Delegate Award

Nicholas Johnson, Supreme Court
Michael McElroy, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee
Randy Ramirez,
 Judiciary Committee

Honorable Mention Award

Cameron Berg, Foreign Relations Committee
Cameron Berg, Red Senate Full Session
Jay Cassone, Environment and Public Works Committee
Jonah Hirsch
, Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee
Vignesh Subramanian
, Judiciary Committee
Michael Wallace,
 Intelligence Committee

Best Legislation Award

Lizzie Yoon, Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee

The Wilton Model Congress has been an enduring force under the direction of longtime Wilton High School advisor and teacher, Kenneth Dunaj. Model Congress provides civic-minded high school students the opportunity to participate in a simulation of the American legislative process. This year’s conference hosted thirty of the top public and private high schools in the Northeast, amounting to about six hundred students.

Wilton Model Congress students have prepared for the Yale conference since the start of the school year, attending weekly meetings where student-written legislation is debated, polished, and amended. Students also applied their skills and knowledge from their academic classes at Wilton High School in order to be successful during the conference.  During the conference, Wilton’s legislation covered topics ranging from overseas American military installations to  infrastructure investments.  Students also served on a mock Supreme Court and Presidential cabinet. In total, the students at the conference legislated over 400 bills. Model Congress provides students with unique opportunities that appeal to their individual interests.