The Wilton Mom’s Club has been around for seven years, and started with only about 25 local moms looking to build a more intimate community for young families. Today the club has grown to 120 members and continues to provide a  resource for Wilton moms with young children to meet new friends and share their early motherhood life experiences.
The club takes advantage of Wilton amenities for its monthly activities, including Merwin Meadows, the Wilton Library and anywhere in town that can accommodate young children. In addition, members volunteer to take turns hosting playgroups each week. The club schedules Monthly Mom’s Night Out at local restaurants, and hosts seasonal parties including a Halloween Kids Party at Wilton’s Greens of Cannonade and an annual Holiday Party, with a guest appearance from Santa.
There is no commitment to any events, and moms can choose to attend any or all of the events, whatever fits their busy schedules. Membership is free, with only nominal fees for parties to cover expenses.
Any young moms who live in Wilton who are looking to branch out and meet people can find out more by emailing