Vacation or not, getting away from what’s buzzing around us is a GOOD thing. But life didn’t stop in Wilton over spring break, so here’s your easy update to catch up on what happened in Wilton while you were away–either out of town or just out of the loop.

Wilton’s Budget

With the annual town meeting and FY ’15 budget vote approaching on Tuesday, May 6, town officials are trying to follow the Board of Finance‘s directives to pare down their projected expenses for next year.

School Security on the Budget Chopping Block

The Board of Education had a meeting on Thursday, April 10, just before the school district closed for spring break the following day. At the meeting superintendent Dr. Gary Richards provided a list of suggested budget items to cut to meet the BoF request of $750,000 in cuts.

Topping the list, administrators listed the security recommendations made by the Wilton Security Task Force, including the new mental health professional who would act as a threat assessment coordinator and interact with the students at Middlebrook and Wilton High School ($85,000 salary plus related benefits and employment costs,), and facility security upgrades to the schools ($130,000). Other recommended cuts included eliminating textbooks and supplies, postponing the WHS natural gas conversion and eliminating bus service on WHS testing days.

Wilton’s second selectman Hal Clark chairs the WSTF and he sent a sternly worded email to the BoE and the BoF as well as to other town officials warning against cuts in this area of student safety. BoE chair Bruce Likly responded in his regular “Notes from the Board Table” op-ed that any cuts that affect student safety would be “weighed carefully.”

Other Calls for Budget Support

  • School Gym Floors:  One Wilton resident, Dave Cote, wrote letters to the board of finance and board of education, asking that funding to repair the gym floors at Cider Mill and Middlebrook not be cut, as they have in years past. He called the continued deferral of the project a matter of “safety and embarrassment” in his letter, which he also sent to local media, and asked other residents to contact town officials with the same request.
  • Trackside:  While not appealing for budget help, the director of Trackside, Mark Ketley, wrote a letter asking Wilton residents to support the town’s teen center at its upcoming benefit fundraiser.

Miller-Driscoll Radon Results Came Back All Clear

Wilton Public Schools superintendent Dr. Gary Richards announced at last Thursday evening’s Board of Education meeting that radon retesting performed at Miller-Driscoll Elementary School in February found within-acceptable amounts of radon in the air at the school. He said that the testing showed that no corrective actions need to be taken at this time.

Town-Wide Energy Challenge Unites Businesses, Residents and Wilton Go Green

Wilton Go Green has kicked off a town-wide initiative to sign up 1,000 Wilton residents for Home Energy Solutions audits and energy savings programs. They are collaborating with Next Step Living to challenge local businesses, community organizations, public officials and entire departments to come together and help spread the word.

Wilton Schools to host Tech Expo 5.0

How is technology changing the face of education in Wilton Public Schools?  The Technology Advisory Committee is inviting parents to learn about the technology used in the classrooms at Tech Expo 5.0. The event will be held at the Wilton High School on Tuesday, April 22 from 5:30-7:30 p.m..

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