Wilton Life Coach/Motivational Speaker Intros “What About Me?” Woman’s Series

Following on the heels of her first women’s empowerment workshop held in January of this year, motivational speaker, author and life coach Alison Jacobson will be hosting the second in a series of events entitled, “What About Me?” Rediscovering Passion and Purpose TODAY!

Jacobson started the “What About Me?” series after talking to women of all ages who felt stressed out, emotionally drained and personally unfulfilled.   

“So many women are living their lives for everyone else. They’ve lost their own identity as they’ve taken on the roles of caregiver, spouse, parent and employee. At the same time, they’re afraid to acknowledge their feelings, and end up unhappy, confused and discontent. I want to help them discover their inner strength in order to create a passionate and purpose-driven life.”

Jacobson is no stranger to adversity and challenge. Her first child died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 17 years ago, prompting her to begin her work as a national child safety expert The Safety Mom. Her second son has intellectual disabilities and she has two other children. After going through a difficult divorce she remarried and, four weeks after the wedding, her husband was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She also helped care for her father who recently passed away from Alzheimer’s.

“There were some really low times in my life where I couldn’t even see my way to getting out of bed. I realized, though, that I had numerous people relying on me so I had to find a way to regain my inner strength,” she says. “I started reading everything I could get my hands on from inspirational and motivational authors.  I also started focusing on the now through mindful meditation and yoga,” Jacobson said, adding that she also made tangible changes in how she approached each day.

“I took a serious look at the food I ate and the exercise I was doing started changing things around for me. As a result, I learned a great deal about Law of Attraction. Slowly, the right people and situations started coming into my life and now I’m passionate about helping other women rediscover happiness and peace.”

Jacobson hosts speaking events and conducts both group and individual life coaching, but also wants to help women here in Wilton.

“Women need some time to relax and bond in a fun but ‘safe’ environment where they can be honest with themselves. We are all under such incredible stress about our obligations and the future–we need to rediscover how to embrace today with joy, purpose and confidence. I met Katerina Pertesis, the owner of Cactus Rose Restaurant & Tequila Bar, and we immediately knew we were kindred spirits. She and I sat down and said, let’s do something together!”

Cactus Rose will be the location for the monthly “What About Me?” events which will feature speakers discussing nutrition, alternative medicine, relationship counseling, beauty tips, caregiver support, entrepreneurship,  embracing the empty nest  and women’s health issues.  This fall she will host her first women’s weekend retreat.

Jacobson also believes that one of the keys to feeling good is doing good which is why all of the proceeds from each event will be donated to a different charity every month.

“People in this town are so incredibly generous when someone is in need. I wanted these events to not only benefit attendees, but benefit organizations that are making a difference.”

The first charity she selected was Circle of Care, a Wilton-based non-profit founded by Liz Salguero, which supports families dealing with pediatric cancer. Salguero will be speaking at the event as well about her journey through her son’s diagnosis of Leukemia and how she found her passion and strength.

In addition, Loryn Galardi, licensed nutritionist and owner of Comprehensive Nutrition, will be speaking about how you can make food work for you to look better and feel more energized. 

“What About Me?” Rediscovering Passion and Purpose TODAY! will be held on Monday, April 28 from 7-9 p.m.. Admission is $30 which includes a complimentary cocktail and appetizer. Proceeds will benefit Circle of Care. RSVP is required in advance at info@safetymom.com.