On Monday, Dec. 5, School Resource Officer Frank Razzaia of the Wilton Police Department was promoted to the rank of sergeant. Sgt. Razzaia was hired by the department in December 2006. He is also a graduate of Henry Abbott Technical School in Danbury.

In addition to his current position as a school resource officer at Wilton High School, Razzaia has held several other positions with the department. He has been involved in the department’s field training program as a Field Training Officer (FTO) since 2016, helping train Wilton’s new officers who are fresh out of the academy.

Razzaia has received a lifesaving award as well as several letters of commendation and recognition throughout his 16 years with the department.

Retired Wilton Police Detective Kip Tarrant pinned Razzaia’s sergeant’s badge on him. Razzaia has often credited Tarrant with sparking his interest in becoming a police officer.

Retired Det. Kip Tarrant pins on Sgt. Frank Razzaia’s new badge. (photo: Wilton Police Department)