Each week the Wilton town clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the days between July 12-18, 2019, the following land transfers were recorded (including address, sale price and photo where available):

Important: Please note this report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office.

  • Robert Reif and Catherine Conners sold 44 Cider Mill Pl. to Jonathan and Angela Bailey for $1,330,000.
  • Walter Maccio and Susan Stiehle sold 316 Westport Rd. to Richard and Lauren Flory for $725,000.
  • Jose and Deborah Lizasoain sold 138 Whipstick Rd. to Andrew and Hilary Jacobi for $530,000.
  • Thomas and Susan Bottini sold 262 Linden Tree Rd. to Juliann and Brendan O’Meara for $835,000.
  • Dwight and Colleen Moody transferred 86 Stonebridge Rd. to Margaret Davis, Dwight and Colleen Moody via quit claim for $150,000. (photo not available)
  • Robert and John Saraniero sold 58 Forest Ln. to Laura and Kevin Bevis for $545,000.
  • Douglas Cott sold 93 East Meadow Rd. to Lucia Mannini and Robert Ostermann for $575,000.
  • Julie Cromwell sold 134 Olmstead Hill Rd. to Bernard and Katherine Hughes for $1,300,000.
  • Jason and Liberty Kelly sold 65 Pond Rd. to Drew and Tara Grabel for $1,850,000.
  • Mark and Tammy Brown sold 111 Hickory Hill Rd. to David and Mary-Renee Bohnenstiel for $1,200,000.