Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the period from Oct. 23-Nov. 5, 2020, there were 28 properties that changed hands, including eight that sold for over $1 million. The land transfers recorded in that time (including address, sale price, and photo where available) are listed below.

Important:  Please note this report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are also now available on the town website.

23 East Meadow Road: Carlo and Nancy Valente to Andrew and Marisol Morley, for $1,375,000

98 Silver Spring Road: Steven and Aileen Senneff to Matthew Reich and Kathryn Dykeman, for $825,000

141 Cannon Road: Peter C. Keiser and Florence L. Romanov and Frances Julia Keiser to Kelsey and Jake Pruner, for $340,000 (land only)

25 Deepwood Road: Pasqualina and Mario Laracca to James E. Burdett, Jr., for $847,500 53 Journeys End Road, New Canaan (0.72 acre in Wilton, according to Zillow.com): Michael S. and Terri L. Stewart to Deniza and Dan Mihailoff, for $28,400 

266 Thunder Lake Road: Gerald Pucci and Mary Ellen Blond to Poonam A. and Aneel K. Bherwani, for $912,500

1034 Ridgefield Road: Douglas M. and Paula A. McGraime to Cavan and Lisa Pohlschroeder, for $1,385,000

455 Thayer Pond Road: Helen M. Shortell (EST) to Monica C. and Robert R. Brina, for $435,000

306 Danbury Road, Unit 3: Joan D. Moore (TR) to Frederick S. Gold and Barbara D. Levine, for $700,000

48 Sharp Hill Road, Unit 2: Sally Poundstone to Daniel O’Neill, for $191,000

21 Olmstead Hill Road: Ken E. and Christina W. Richardson to Andrew Gerber and Delaine Duncan, for $910,000

64 Wilton Crest: Sarah A. Carta to Nancy Lombardo Valente, for $535,000

35 Cedar Road: US Bank N.A. (TR) to Sean Owens and Gyongyi Somogyi-Owens, for $400,000

297 Ridgefield Road: David K. and Im S. Kim to Joseph P. and Jacqueline Guglielmo, for $1,085,000

145 Old Highway: Michael S. and Janice S. Siegal to Lana Lopresti and Frank Giancarli, for $712,000

11 Ridgewood Road: Ralda Lee (TR) to Gregory Valentino Reppucci and Kelsey Prieur, for $530,000

50 Kingdom Ridge Road: M. Sean and Amy C. Fernandez to Timothee and Heather Rousseau, for $815,000

72 Glen View: Rosemary Romano to Gary and Marcy Worley, for $334,500

210 Belden Hill Road: Marianne Ferro (TR) to Edward and Shirley Bergin, for $1,495,000

19 Wildwood Drive: Thomas G. and Margaret B. Vaughan to Phillip Giovannetti and Sarah Port, for $1,365,000

48 Duck Pond Place: Pamela J. and Mark L. Keough to Bryan and Julia Joggerst, for $1,015,000

19 Deepwood Road: Veronica J. Campbell to Ryan Ohanesian and Jessica Worthman, for $1,160,500

27 Ground Pine Road: Kenneth W. Blake (EST) to RKTC Homes, LLC, for $450,000

17 Coley Road: Jospeh Mazzone (EST) to Grzegorz Snioch, for $450,000

308 Chestnut Hill Road: 308 Chestnut Hill Rd, LLC, to Mark E. and Nessa K. Englebright (TR), for $1,689,000

37 Lambert Common, Unit 37: Deanna and Craig Emerson to Richard and Lorraine Edgar, for $537,500

102 Drum Hill Road: Cole W. and Erin R. Creighton to Brendan and Devon Patton, for $700,000

149 Thunder Lake Road: Michael W. and Paula M. Lindberg to Gaurav B. and Michelle Shuang Mu Sharma, for $820,000