This year’s Frivolity Bowl Softball Game between Wilton Republicans and Wilton Democrats, the annual athletic contest between the town’s leading political parties, ended with a victory for the GOP as Wilton’s “Big Red” took back the trophy after losing by forfeit in 2013.

According to a news release from the RTC, the event started off with the threat of another forfeit, this time when the DTC didn’t have enough players, but because the Republicans showed up in force they were able to lend their friends across the aisle a few players.

“Wilton Republicans took an early lead and never looked back,” said Al Alper, chairman of the Wilton RTC.  “Joe Favarolo did a tremendous job fielding and managing the team. He orchestrated the 15-0 win with outstanding players both on offense and defense. Now we’re looking toward November with the WIN-d at our backs!” he joked.

Thomas Dec, chair of the Wilton Democrats, conceded gracefully:  “The Republicans out-organized and out-played us, and they deserve credit for their victory. It’s a great Wilton tradition and we look forward to continuing it next year with a Democratic win!”

Town officials numbered among the many Wiltonians who showed up to cheer, including first selectman Bill Brennan, State Sen. Toni Boucher and State Rep Gail Lavielle.

Image:  The victorious Wilton RTC team; inset–left to right DTC coach Brian Lilly, RTC chair Al Alper and RTC coach Joe Favarolo.