Wilton Residents Meet Incoming School Superintendent Smith

Last night, the Wilton Board of Education hosted the first of two informal receptions for parents of Wilton students and members of the community to meet incoming superintendent of schools Dr. Kevin Smith.

Smith greeted the two dozen people at the start with some opening remarks, noting the priority Wilton places on its children, and how he’s eager to become part of making a difference here.

“This is a community that values its kids, so for me to have the opportunity to come in and lead the community, and think about what’s possible, that really excites me. I had a chance to meet with all the administrators, to visit all of the schools, I look forward to getting into them much more deeply this summer, but I’m excited. I look around Wilton, and see we have so much tremendous potential to go even further than where we are now, and to look at the forces that are shaping contemporary society, to look at the opportunities that we are offering our kids, and put them together to create new opportunities so our kids can go even further than they’re achieving right now.”

The reception, sponsored by the Wilton Parent Teacher Association, allowed the members of the public to visit informally with Smith to ask him questions and tell him what was on their minds. Conversations ranged from budget, to long range planning to curriculum and special education. The soon-to-be schools’ chief was particularly keen to find out about how well the schools are communicating with parents and the wider community.

He told GOOD Morning Wilton that getting to meet members of the community and get their feedback is something he values greatly. “You’ve got a strong group of well-educated parents who are invested in their kids. You can’t go wrong. Listenting to the comments as I go around the room, it’s great to hear the perceptions–they might be accurate, they might need some help–but the investment that comes with it is important to me.  I’m hearing lots and lots of people who care.”

There is a second reception for parents and members of the Wilton community to meet Smith, scheduled for Monday, June 9 at 9:30 a.m. at the Clune Center’s Zellner Gallery.

Smith officially assumes his position in Wilton on July 1. He will succeed Dr. Gary Richards, who is retiring after 10 years of service to the Wilton Public Schools.

Smith’s appointment was announced by the Board of Education earlier this year, following a nationwide search of qualified candidates.  Smith is currently superintendent of schools in Bethel, CT, a position he has held since 2012.