At their monthly meeting Wednesday night (Oct. 11), the members of the Wilton Republican Town Committee (RTC) elected William Lalor as the Wilton GOP’s new chair. Lalor takes over for Al Alper, who resigned as chairman last month after failing to get the RTC nomination to run for selectman this November.

“I am honored by the RTC’s support and I’m happy to see the RTC move forward, starting with the important elections in Wilton in just a few weeks,” Lalor told GOOD Morning Wilton. “The GOP has an exceptional and very qualified group of candidates with the right leadership skills at the right time, and Election Day is the focus right now.”

Lalor moved to Wilton in 2013 with his wife, Jennifer Lalor, a speech and language pathologist in private practice in Wilton, and his children Katelyn (8) and Evan (10). He currently serves as a commissioner on the Wilton Parks and Recreation Commission (since June, 2017), has been a member of the Town of Wilton Council on Ethics (2015-17), and the RTC since 2015. He is also the chair of the “Committee for Wilton 2017,” which was formed in July 2017 to support the election of RTC-endorsed Board of Selectmen candidates Lori Bufano and Joshua Cole.

Lalor has been involved with politics for many years, working for several races including as campaign manager and counsel for a GOP U.S. House campaign in 2008. He is currently an attorney with Elenius Frost & Walsh with offices in New York City and Tarrytown. He earned his law degree at Penn State University in 1999, where he also earned his undergraduate degree in accounting (1996). While in law school, Lalor was the editor-in-chief of the environmental law review. His writing has also appeared in The Washington Examiner, The Hartford Courant, The L Magazine, and The Stamford Advocate, among others.

Lalor has volunteered as a youth soccer and baseball coach in Wilton and, before that, in White Plains, NY. He grew up in Smithton (Long Island), NY.

Lalor was the only nominee considered by the RTC for the chair position.

“I appreciate my predecessor’s time and tenure as chair of the RTC. I think going forward you’ll see an active and engaged RTC that will work hard to reach voters and make an impact in local and state elections in particular,” Lalor says, adding, “We know about the fiscal problems that Gov. Malloy has foisted on Wilton taxpayers, and the RTC will continue to be in taxpayers’ corner as difficult choices arise.”