At Thursday evening’s (June 23) Board of Education meeting, several personnel changes are being recommended to the Board by superintendent Dr. Kevin Smith and Susan A. Paley, director of human resources for the district. The personnel changes have been published in the meeting’s agenda on the district’s website.

Smith is asking the BoE to accept the retirements of several staff members, effective June 30, 2016:

Patricia Colum (Cider Mill special education, 16 years in Wilton)
JoAnn Cordes (HS world language teacher, 24 years)
Kathleen Dohn (Cider Mill 5th Grade teacher, 15 years)
Eric Fischman (WHS, psychologist, 14 years)
Frank Gawle (WHS music teacher, 35 years)
Linda Green (Miller-Driscoll library/media teacher, 6 years)
Nancy Hasenauer (Middlebrook dean, 18 years)
Linda Lyall (WHS assistant principal, 20 years)
Lynne Malat (Miller-Driscoll 2nd Grade teacher, 21 years)
Fred Rapczynski (Preschool director and extended school year director, 9 years)
Martha Russell (WHS science, 20 years)
Kathleen Stallfort (Cider Mill 5th Grade teacher, 17 years)
Sherilyn Swords (Cider Mill, 4th Grade teacher, 17 years)

Smith is also asking the Board to accept the resignations of the following personnel, also effective June 30, 2016:

Amy Bowley (Preschool speech pathologist)
Ricard Fisco (WHS special education)
Allison Hujar (WHS social studies teacher)
Marc Madia (WHS social studies teacher)
Kimberly Newbauer (Miller-Driscoll reading)
Richard Sanzo (WHS associate principal)

In addition, Sara Sved (Cider Mill library/media center instructor) has requested a one-year leave of absence.

Three individuals at the high school will be given promotion contracts for the 2016-2017 school year and appointed as administrators at Wilton High School:

Donald Schels, associate principal
Amy Korn, assistant principal
Greg Theriault, assistant principal

The Board of Education is also being asked to officially approve the interim contract of Toby Kawulicz, who was named as an interim dean at Middlebrook for the 2016-2017 academic year. That announcement has been made publicly in previous newsletters to parents from Smith and during meetings for incoming 6th grade families.

Mathew Hepfer, who was director of district technology, is being reassigned and named as the district’s data analytics/assessment officer.

Two positions at the high school are being eliminated:  Marc Feeley (social studies) and Ioanna Opidee (english/language arts).

Finally, it was announced that there were several members of the classified staff who will be retiring—

Mary Channing (District transportation coordinator, 27 years in Wilton)
Terry Dobush (Middlebrook/WHS paraprofessional, 14.5 years)
Meredith Dommu (Preschool physical therapist, 15 years)
Jeralyn Kirkpatrick (Cider Mill paraprofessional, 12.5 years)
Janet McCall-Fleming (Preschool paraprofessional, 14 years)
Dianne Thulin (Miller-Driscoll executive secretary, 28 years)

—and who have resigned:

Kimberly Stone (Middlebrook paraprofessional)
Emil Occhiboi (WHS athletic trainer)