For the second time ever in Wilton’s history, notable and remarkable residents of the town were inducted into the Wilton Public Schools’ Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was created to honor members of the Wilton school community who have demonstrated exemplary talent, skill and dedication in their position, have had a positive and lasting impact on students, and serve as an inspiration to colleagues and students. 

The 2022 inductees include remarkable individuals who have proven themselves as dedicated and selfless individuals who’ve left an impact on our community — Air Force Colonel (Ret.) Jennifer Fullmer; former Marine Corps Lieutenant John Corr; Coach Jack Majeski; and teacher, role model and coach Paul Schluntz.

The ceremony, held on the evening of Tuesday, May 24 at the Wilton High School Zellner Gallery, opened with a performance by the WHS Madrigals. Board of Education Chair Deborah Low introduced Wilton Schools Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Smith, who told the audience, “You represent many generations of the Wilton community, and I could not be more thrilled to be with you here in person tonight and to celebrate this event. This event is truly one of the most special that our district holds.” 

Smith introduced the first inductee, Col. Fullmer, an accomplished Air Force Colonel who retired in 2015. Smith spoke of her many accomplishments during her career. “[Fullmer] is an unmatched model of selfless public service, a remarkable credit to the world and public schools, and is most deserving of an honored place in the hall of fame ladies and present.”

Fullmer thanked Wilton for the many opportunities she has been afforded. “I have stood on the shoulders of giants and it’s because of them that I’ve had the opportunities to be able to stand here today. This is extremely humbling. I thank you all for being here. ”

Jim Lewicki spoke for and thanked the second inductee, the late Lt.Corr. “John’s greatest trait was quite simply, he was a winner. He would never quit no matter what the score, [and] gave a hundred percent.” John’s sister spoke in his place: “I’m always amazed that my brother John is remembered and honored after all these years. Thank you.” 

Wilton High School Class of 2020 alumni Andrew Saumier thanked his former coach, 2022’s third inductee Majesky. “[Majesky] is much, much more than our coach. Coach not only teaches the game of golf, but he imparts life lessons and important values. He instills the importance of good character as his priorities, not only include improving golf, but also teaches respect hard work and balancing priorities,” Saumier said.

Finally, Middlebrook music teacher Janet Nobles introduced her colleague Paul Schluntz. “I have known hundreds and hundreds of students over my years here and I will tell you that not a one goes untouched by Mr. Schluntz. I was lucky enough to have my children as his students — who both insisted on being here tonight, by the way, Paul — and I will say that he is a voice at Middlebrook. He is the voice on the leadership table. Paul can say nothing — he can say nothing for a meeting, a week, a month, but when he talks, everyone listens because he only says what needs to be said,” said Nobles.

More details about the lives and accomplishments of Wilton’s new Hall of Famers are available on GMW. The four new Hall of Famers join the five Wiltonians already in the Hall of Fame who were inducted in 2018, including Kristine Lilly, Nicholas Madaras (posthumously), Donald Verrilli, John Rhodes, and Frank ‘Chip’ Gawle, all of whom were recognized for their achievements and contributions.

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