Wilton High School

Wilton Public Schools has scheduled an asbestos abatement project for Wilton High School and Middlebrook Middle School, to remove asbestos from the buildings. Families and members of the school community were notified in letters sent by Jose J. Figueroa Jr., the district’s supervisor of custodial and maintenance services.

The abatement at Middlebrook is scheduled to begin today, Thursday, June 20, and continue tomorrow, Friday, June 21. Work was originally scheduled to have begun at Wilton High School, but with the Wilton Family YMCA’s Camp Gordyland using the Wilton High School campus during the Y’s own construction project beginning next Monday, June 24, school officials have rescheduled any abatement work for the high school to the weekend of June 28-30.

UPDATE, 11:45 a.m.:  The Wilton Family Y will be holding its first week of camp (June 24-28) at the Wilton Y, moving to the High School for weeks 2-8 of camp, according to Christene Freedman, the Y’s chief development officer. “Our original plan was to be at the High School for all 8 weeks, however, once we learned of the abatement process we moved Week 1 to the Y.”

According to the school’s letter, the abatement work is “part of a maintenance process to remove asbestos from our buildings.”

State Department of Public Health regulations prohibit anyone under the age of 18 or pregnant from being present on the premises while asbestos abatement is in process. Figueroa’s letter notifies members of the public that the school campuses will be closed to anyone under age 18 or pregnant, including all buildings, the WHS field house, district offices and the adjacent Lily field.

The District is working with Chase Environmental, which is completing the abatement work, and ATC Group, which is monitoring the abatement. Figueroa writes that, “While there is no danger to students or staff, we are making a safety conscious decision to conduct the abatement during the summer break. Chase Environmental will be conducting the abatement in both the high school and the middle school and will ensure that the areas of the abatement will be contained and completed in a legally controlled process.  ATC Group will be monitoring the abatement.  All Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health (CTDPH) requirements will be followed throughout the process and for re-occupancy.”