At Wednesday evening’s Board of Education meeting, superintendent of schools Dr. Kevin Smith told the board members that by the start of the 2017-18 school year, Wilton Schools will have a new website. Before giving the meeting attendees a sneak  preview of what the website will look like and what kind of features it will have, he called the current website, “the bane of my existence, and the existence of many others,” and said this new and improved website was “a long time coming.”

According to Smith, the new website will be ready to launch this summer, and that once details are finalized, an email would be sent to all district parents to introduce them to it.

He said the overall goal was to make the website easy to use and more user friendly. One example of how they hope to do this is with an “I want to” button at the top menu, which will drop down to a number of the most frequently used features with tasks that users most often need to do.

“We want to make it very easy, because one of the biggest complaints we get is, ‘How do we get to whatever it is we’re trying to do [on the website]?’

Some of the quick links that the “I want to” button leads to are:

  • View the school lunch menu
  • Register my child
  • Log in to the Parent Portal/Google Classroom
  • Pay Student Fees
  • View BoE Minutes and Agendas
  • Find my Child’s Bus Route
  • Use the Directory

In fact a directory is a feature Smith said had been missing but will be part of the new website.

“You’ll have not only a name, an email, a phone extension, but there will be a picture. That will be there for everybody.”

Another feature that the website will have is a calendar with all events listed from the entire district.

“A major concern we’ve had for years is the aggregation of the calendar. What we’re expecting to do on the home page is pull feeds from all the district calendars–all of the schools’ calendars, continuing education calendar, the district calendar, the athletics calendar, so at a glance you can get the list of all the activities on any given day.”

Smith said that the website will become a much more robust and frequently updated tool and something “that will represent all of the great work that’s happening in the schools.”