Wilton resident Laura Garbuz was arrested on Monday, Aug. 3 for allegedly stealing an SAT booklet during the June 6 college entrance exam testing at Wilton High School.

Garbuz, age 50, was charged with third degree larceny, and released on $2,500 bond. She has a date to appear at Norwalk Superior Court on Aug. 14.

According to a media briefing in June, Wilton Police Department spokesman Lt. Stephen Brennan told reporters that Garbuz was being sought after “misrepresenting herself.”

“Somehow she was able to acquire a test, and it was seen on video,” Brennan said. “It was during check-in time, so it was prior to the test being given. It was around that time the parent came in and subsequently after she was told to wait in the lobby, she entered the interior of the school and removed a test from one of the classrooms.”

Brennan explained that after Garbuz was reportedly told to remain in the lobby, she allegedly entered one of the test rooms and spoke with a test proctor administering the test and potentially misrepresented herself. “[Garbuz] explained that she was a proctor and that she needed a test booklet.” At the end of the testing period, the legitimate proctor reported that the number of tests in her room would be off by one because she had given it to someone she believed was another proctor.

“They put two and two together and realized this individual was not a proctor, and it was the one and the same person at the front counter,” Brennan said.

According to a release issued today by Wilton Police, there was an active warrant out for Garbuz’s arrest when she was spotted by a patrol officer driving on Rt. 7 Monday morning. She was taken into custody in the area of Center St. and Ridgefield Rd. and transported to police headquarters where she was booked, fingerprinted and photographed.

Brennan told GOOD Morning Wilton that the department tried to contact Garbuz multiple times, both by mailed letter which notified the accused about the active arrest warrant, and by phone.