On March 2-3, Wilton hosted the Connecticut Southern Leagues Championships, the first of four championship meets of the season. The theme of the meet was “20,000 Gymnasts Under the Sea,” an homage to Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. As typically happens every year, threat of a snowstorm loomed over the home-hosted meet. With fingers crossed, an attitude of the show must go on, and a gym decorated with octopus balloons, mermaid cupcakes, and seashell lights, the Wilton Y Gymnasts hosted a fun and very successful meet–complete with a perfect 10 and a total of 39 titles.

Overall, Wilton took eight Individual Championship titles and 31 Event titles:  Levels 3, 7 and 8 captured the Team Championship titles; Level 5 placed second All Around; Level 6 placed third, and Level 4 placed fourth.

Level 3

Level 3 wins the Championship: Alyssa Duarte, Andie Langeland, Abbie Schmitt, Evy Theriault, Lilli Todd, Kyra Doran, Lauren Buchanan.

For ages 6-8, Lauren Crisafulli won bronze on vault (9.450) and floor (9.3), while placing 4th AA.

For age 9, Gabriella Martin captured the Championship title, winning gold on floor (9.6) and beam (9.0), silver on floor (9.4) and placing 4th on bars (9.2).

For age 10, Kyra Doran took the Championship title, with silver on vault (9.55), bars (9.45) and floor (9.35), and scoring 9.05 on beam. Evy Theriault was crowned Bars Champion (9.55) and Floor Champion (9.4), scored 9.4 on vault (3rd) and 9.0 on beam, and took home the 4th AA trophy. Andie Langeland and her space buns scored 9.1 on floor to take 4th.

For age 11, Alyssa Duarte took the titles of Bars and Floor Champion with scores of 9.6 on both events, scored 9.0 on vault and placed 3rd AA. Lilli Todd’s incredible vault scored a 9.8 for 1st place, while scoring 9.4 on floor (2nd), 9.05 on beam (5th), to finish 4th AA.

For age 12+, Abigail Schmitt brought home the Championship trophy, scoring an incredible 9.9 on vault for a 1st, 9.550 on floor for 1st, 9.2 on beam for 2nd, and 9.3 on bars for 4th. Lauren Buchanan took home 2nd AA, placing 2nd on vault (9.5) and bars (9.55), 3rd on floor (9.25) and 4th on beam (9.05).

Level 4

For ages 8-9, Tess D’Andraia took silver on floor (9.0) and bars, bronze on beam (9.1), finished 4th on vault and placed 3rd AA.

For age 10, Mia Decore earned the Championship title by winning the titles of Bars Champion (9.4) and Beam Champion (9.3), and taking silver on vault. Grace Jeanes scored 9.0 on floor for 5th.

For age 11, Rowan Morse finished 4th AA, placing 2nd on beam (9.2), 3rd on vault, and 5th on bars (9.0).

For ages 12+, Lia Carusone took silver on vault. Winnie Quigg placed 5th on vault and beam. Alyssa Greenlaw placed 4th on vault.

Level 5

For ages 11-12, Cailyn Cruickshank was crowned Floor Champion (9.8) with a routine that wowed, while also taking 2nd on beam, 5th on vault, and taking home the 3rd AA trophy. Kaelyn Talisse placed 5th on floor (9.45) and beam. Teagan Stengrim placed 3rd on vault (9.0) and scored 9.450 on floor.

Level 5 sweeps the All Around: Ella Arghirescu (1st), Jeni von Bartheld (2nd), Ella Mancuso (3rd).

For ages 13+, Ella Arghirescu earned the Championship title, winning silver on bars, bronze on vault, placing 4th on floor (9.25) and taking home the title of Beam Champion. Jeni von Bartheld was crowned Bars Champion (9.05), taking silver on floor (9.65) and vault (9.1), placing 5th on beam and finishing 2nd AA. Ella Mancuso took home the 3rd AA trophy, with silver on vault (9.1) and beam, bronze on bars, and finishing 5th on floor (9.2). Elizabeth Fahey was the Vault Champion with a 9.45, earning bronze on floor (9.3) and beam, and placing 5th on bars.

Level 6

For ages 10-11, Taylor Archambeau was near perfection, taking gold on floor (9.6), beam (9.4) and bars (9.7), silver on vault, and easily taking home the Championship trophy. Alyssa Mariani won silver on beam (9.0) and floor (9.35), bronze on vault and bars, and placed 3rd AA.

For ages 14+, Chloe Jureller earned the title of Bars Champion (9.1), placed 2nd on floor (9.4) and vault, 4th on beam, and finished 2nd AA.

Level 7

For ages 11-12, Ashley Umhoefer was all smiles, earning the titles of Bars (9.35), Beam (9.3) and Floor (9.7) Champion, taking silver on vault (9.2) and capturing the Championship title.

For ages 13-14, Alyson Scheurkogel’s fun and sassy floor performance earned an incredible 9.85 for gold, while taking 1st on vault (9.4), 3rd on bars (9.0), 5th on beam, and finishing 2nd AA. Alyssa Smeriglio took silver on bars (9.05) and beam (9.2), placed 4th on vault (9.0) and floor (9.4), and placed 3rd AA. Kaylie Berghaus was crowned Beam champion (9.3), placed 4th on bars, 5th on vault and floor, and finished 4th AA. Donna Stepnowsky won the bronze on vault (9.2).

For ages 15+, Michaela Kane earned the titles of Vault Champion (9.1) and Bars Champion, placed 3rd on beam, 5th on floor, and placed 3rd AA. Isabella Jureller took bronze on vault and beam, placed 4th on floor (9.4) and finished 5th AA. Ava Walker placed 4th on vault.

Level 8

For ages 13-15, Olivia Mannino earned the Champion titles for Vault, Bars (9.3) and Beam (9.35), placed 4th on floor (9.2) and took 1st AA. Mia Karlehag placed 2nd on vault, 3rd on bars and beam, and closed out the meet with her amazing performance on floor to score a perfect 10 amid cheers and happy tears from the entire audience, to finish 2nd AA. (main image above:  Level 8 Mia Karlehag scores a perfect 10 on floor.)

For ages 16+, Kate Ginsburg took home the 2nd AA trophy, earning silver on floor (9.3) and beam, bronze on vault, and finishing 5th on bars. Senior Sam Huffman placed 2nd on bars, 3rd on beam and floor, 4th on vault, and placed 3rd AA. Emma Daugherty earned the title of Floor Champion (9.6), taking 2nd on vault, 3rd on bars, 4th on beam and finishing 4th AA. Senior Alyssa Jarrett took bronze on beam, placed 4th on vault and bars, 5th on floor and placed 5th AA.

Come cheer on the girls at their next Championship meet:  the Connecticut State Championships on March 30-31 at the Wilton YMCA.