The Wilton Y Wahoos recently donated $2,500 to Susan G Komen Connecticut following their second breast cancer awareness swim meet. Not only did the swimmers show their support for the cause by painting the pool pink (thanks to their pink swim caps), but the swimming and YMCA community also came together for a large bake sale to raise funds. Numerous Wilton Y Wahoo swimming families helped out with baking and selling the yummy items throughout the two competitions, and handed out breast cancer awareness educational pamphlets.

The fundraising efforts were led by two Wilton Y Wahoo swimmers, Hugo Sykes and Dakota Meyer, along with guidance and help from their coach Matt Hall.

This was the second time the Wilton Y Wahoos have held a fundraising meet of this kind; the team plans on supporting more events to raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer.

“It was a wonderful opportunity for our team to band together for a cause that is important to all of us,” says Randy Erlenbach, head coach for the team. Bob McDowell, CEO of the Riverbrook Regional YMCA, adds, “We are proud to put on the pink and support Breast Cancer Awareness month and proud of our youth for giving back to the community.”

Pictured above (left to right) are Bob McDowell, Riverbrook Regional YMCA CEO; Dakota Meyer, Wilton Y Wahoo swimmer; Hugo Sykes, Wilton Y Wahoo swimmer; Kristi Olds, News 12 Connecticut anchor/reporter; and Randy Erlenbach, director of competitive aquatics.