Wilton’s Grand List is moving in the right direction, albeit incrementally. Assessor Sarah Scacco notified the Board of Selectmen that her office finalized the Oct. 1, 2019 Grand List, resulting in a year-to-year increase of 0.78%.

The net 2019 Grand List of $4,285,063,095 represents a total increase of $33,328,535 over the net 2018 Grand List of $4,251,734,560. The list is the total of the net assessed value of all taxable property in Wilton–real estate, motor vehicles, and personal property.

Scacco attributes the bulk of the increase to real estate, primarily commercial growth. She cites “a few” new residential houses and renovations/additions, but points to a new addition and parking garage constructed by ASML (at 77 Danbury Rd.) and the completion of Sunrise of Wilton (211 Danbury Rd.), the new assisted living facility as being largely responsible for the change in that category.

In total, real estate accounts for $3,868,789,077 of Wilton’s overall 2019 net assessment, a 0.77% change ($29,518,307) over 2018.

Scacco reported personal property assessments increased 1.58% and motor vehicle assessments grew 0.24%.

First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice presented the Grand List at last night’s Board of Selectmen meeting. While she characterized the Oct. 1 2019 Grand List as “good,” she reflected on what the Oct. 1 2020 Grand List is shaping up to be for next year, saying it’s “not where we thought we’d be.”

Town officials had anticipated that construction at the development at 300 Danbury Rd., approved by Wilton’s land use boards early last year, would already be underway. She also said the town had thought a proposed project at 2/27 Pimpewaug Rd. would have continued to move forward, but the developer withdrew that application last December after public opposition and perceived resistance from the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z).

Vanderslice said the outlook further down the road is better, and that Wilton may “see quite a bit of growth” for the year 2021 Grand List. She noted that there are four applications in the pipeline at P&Z:  a mixed use development at 200 Danbury Rd.; a surgical/ambulatory center and medical office building at 50-60-64 Danbury Rd.; a five-lot subdivision on Cannon Rd.; and a multi-unit residential building at 3 Hubbard Rd. in Wilton Center.

She added that the town is expecting other applications as well.

Wilton’s 2019 Top Ten Taxpayers

Scacco’s report included a list of the assessments of Wilton’s largest taxpayers:

  • CT Light and Power Company:  $102,045,220
  • Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association:  $63,600,110
  • ASML US LLC:  $59,957,590
  • Avalonbay Communities Inc:  $52,524,280
  • Wilton Campus 1691 LLC:  $29,022,980
  • Wilton 50 LLC:  $19,896,610
  • Wilton 40 LLC:  $18,485,740
  • Wilton River Park 1688 LLC:  $16,791,460
  • Wilton Retirement Housing LLC:  $16,708,260
  • Sunrise of Wilton Prop Co LLC:  $15,564,270