A very interesting week (October 3 – 9) of weather is in store for Wilton because we’ve got fall-like weather during the work or school week, but then there’s a hurricane threat this weekend from Hurricane Matthew over the Caribbean Sea. I will be watching this system very closely for potential impacts to New England around the Columbus Day Weekend.

Monday, Oct. 3:  On Monday, it will be an average fall day with morning temperatures in the mid 50s, warming to about 70 degrees in the early afternoon. A shower can’t be ruled out during the day, but I think it will be dry with the sunshine finally coming out after what has felt like a week of cloudy, damp weather. It won’t be full out sunshine, but there will definitely be a decent, acceptable amount of sunlight.


Tuesday, Oct. 4:  Then on Tuesday, there will be a few more clouds at times, especially midday. This is what I like to call a transition day because that upper-level or cut-off low that has been keeping the Northeast cloudy will clear out to the north and east.


Wednesday, Oct. 5:  The middle and end of the week will feature some fabulous weather. These are the days that probably many of us look forward to in the fall because the mornings will be cool and crisp and the afternoons will be mild and cool at the same time. On Wednesday, expect sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 60s.


Thursday, Oct. 6:   Thursday will be a similar day as Wednesday with lots of sunshine, although it will be a few degrees warmer, around 70 degrees. This is some great weather to go for a walk!

Friday, Oct. 7:  We finally get to Friday before the long, holiday weekend kicks off. The work week will end on a gorgeous note, featuring sunny skies and temperatures right around average in the upper 60s.

Saturday, Oct. 8:  Now we get to the weekend and this is when the forecast gets very interesting. We’ll be watching Hurricane Matthew moving up the East Coast of the United States this week, but the question is how close will it be to the coast, and will it make landfall on the southern coast of New England? There are many factors that go into the forecast, but as of now, there is the chance we get directly impacted by this storm. Based on the latest timing of when Matthew may hit, the most likely day would be Saturday, but that may change. We could be watching this storm next week as well.

It’s still too early to know what impacts there will be, if there are any, so you will have to stay tuned. As of now, I will add showers and wind to my forecast, but this is subject to change. I will have daily updates on my website, daily, and there will be an update on GOOD Morning Wilton, if needed, later this week.


Sunday, Oct. 9:  Also on Sunday, this forecast is subject to change, but as of now, I’m forecasting partly cloudy skies with comfortable temperatures in the mid 60s. We may still be tracking Matthew as we get into next week.

Jackson Dill is a Wilton High School junior who started the website, Jackson’s Weather. His 7-day forecast will appear each Monday on GOOD Morning Wilton. Visit Jackson’s Weather to find out any changes in the forecast. You can also follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram @JacksonsWeather for around-the-clock updates.