Dear Editor,

We, as some of the members of the Wilton Clergy Association, want to express our sincere appreciation for the recent conversations about the meaning of religious symbols and their placement in our town. We are glad that we live in a free and open culture where such conversations may be held.

We also want to thank First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice for her leadership, as well as the process through which the Board of Selectmen participated in the recent debate of decorations on town property. We feel she/they acted appropriately.

As members who are Christian clergy, we also want to say that we do not believe Christmas is under siege. While we hold to the belief that the spirit of Christmas means many things to many people, in our houses of worship, we celebrate the birth of a child who comes to us, bringing peace, love, joy, hope and light in a way that changes everything. Such generous love allows us the ability to be open to others as they express how they encounter the Divine as well.

For any who may feel a dampened spirit, we invite you to any of the celebrations at our local houses of worship on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

In the spirit of the season,

Rev. Dr. Anne Coffman, Wilton Congregational Church
Rev. Peggy Fabrizio, Zion’s Hill United Methodist Church
Rev. Caroline Smith, Wilton Baptist Church
Rev. Alon White, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Shannon White, Wilton Presbyterian Church   

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