Generally speaking, most people find the process of packing and moving to be far from fun.

“Having moved six times in 10 years myself, I know how stressful moving can be,” says Wilton resident Laurie Maggio.

That first-hand experience will help Maggio in her new role as owner of Coastal Town Moves. After working for the last year as the company’s primary move coordinator, she recently took ownership of the 5-year-old residential move management company from founder and CEO Betsy Wacker.

“I couldn’t ask for a better person to lead Coastal Town Moves than Laurie,” says Wacker, who plans to soon relocate out of state. “I’m confident the company will flourish under her direction.”

In assuming ownership of the company she aims to expand its reach within Fairfield County and broaden its scope of clients to include not only people permanently changing residences but also those making temporary moves from their homes for reasons such as renovation or repair.

Maggio explains: “Renovating a home is exciting but it can turn everything upside down for people. As they move to a temporary residence or opt to live in only certain sections of their homes during construction, they need help with keeping their belongings organized and stored properly.”

Whatever the reason for a move, Maggio’s goal is to make it at easy and stress-free for her clients as possible. One way she’s doing that is by introducing a software program to help clients inventory their home contents, a service that’s especially helpful when homeowners don’t live close to their property such as during an estate sale or when they’re downsizing.

“A big part of our business is helping empty nesters and seniors downsize,” Maggio says. “Sorting through a lifetime of possessions is challenging and can be so emotional. We’re very empathetic to our clients and aim to help them make their move smoothly and settle comfortably in their new home.”

To meet her clients’ needs, Maggio runs Coastal Town Moves from her office in Wilton with the continued help of seven contractual move coordinators and by working with well established, reliable moving companies.

Coastal Town Moves specializes in all aspects of a move including packing and unpacking, organizing items for online sales or donation, taking inventory of and prioritizing home contents, home staging, plant and pet care, cleaning and trash removal. Established in 2013, the company’s mission is to work closely with clients to orchestrate a calm and smooth transition.

“I love what Coastal Town Moves is about,” Maggio says. “We provide such a helpful service. Betsy (Wacker) has already done a fabulous job of making our clients happy so my main goal is to keep up the good work.”

For more information visit Coastal Town Moves online.