Wilton enjoyed a break in the weather at the perfect time on Monday morning, May 29, allowing the Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony to proceed without a hitch. Residents were able to honor the brave men and women of the armed forces who served our country and remembered those who gave their lives so that we may be free.

We have photos and video from the parade–thanks to all parade-goers who shared with us!

First up are pictures, which are followed by several videos. There’s one clip that is must-watch:  check out the absolutely stunning drone video shot by Wilton resident Drew Gumins. It’s definitely a unique way to watch, as Drew put it, “one of the few events that all of Wilton–young and old–comes together to enjoy.”


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The Wilton Lacrosse Association players impressed parade spectators with their version of a Maori haka dance. (credit:  Suzanne Hagmann)

The Wilton High School Marching Band (credit Dulce Colacios)