You can’t miss the oversized red adirondack chair on Wilton’s Town Green.

It’s one of the items that was purchased thanks to more than $10,000 that was donated by Wilton residents and businesses to support the town’s Holiday Fund, which was used to purchase new Christmas decorations for Wilton Center.

In addition to the red adirondack chair, new red bows were purchased to add to street lamps. The “Joy” banners are items that have been used in years past. While they’re not on yet, the large pine tree on the Town Green will have upgraded Christmas lights too.

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Holiday Decor Thank You’s

First selectman Bill Brennan issued a statement of thanks to donors who contributed to the Holiday Fund.

“On behalf of the Town of Wilton and the Holiday Fund Committee, we wish to thank all the citizens, shops, restaurants and other organizations of Wilton for their generosity in contributing to the fund drive. It was a huge success, which exceeded our financial goals and we wish to publicly recognize contributors who responded so generously.

“Because of Wilton’s great civic support, the Town Center will be very festive for the holiday season and the village will ‘glow’ a little brighter!”

Holiday Decoration Fund Contributors

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gerard Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Barrett
Ms. Danielle Bottinger
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Boyles
Mr. & Mrs. William Brennan
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Brown Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Callahan
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Carbonaro
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Carpiniello
Mrs. Katherine Chann
Mr. & Mrs. Colin Christ
Joshua Cole & Melissa-Jean Rotini
Mr. & Mrs. Linus Cooke
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Cragan Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mark DeViney
Mr. & Mrs. John Dicenzo
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Drummond
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Elias
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Finkelstein
Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Garis
Mr. & Mrs. Irve J. Goldman
Mr. & Mrs. George Graf
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Greeley
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hamar
Mr. & Mrs. David Hapke
Ms. Beverly Henion
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Higgins
Mr. & Mrs. John Hinshaw
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolf Hoefling
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hudspeth
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Johnson
Ms. Carol Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Steve G. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Judelson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kaelin
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Kalamarides, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Chris R. Karabin
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Kelso
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Knutson
Mr. Brian Ladewig
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Lauria
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Lillis
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lorenzoni
Mr. & Mrs. James Mannix
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mavis
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. McGraime
Ms. Morlee J. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Murphy
Mr. Ed Nordgaard
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Petit
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Richards
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Richards
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Rosenbaum
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Safko
Ms. Mandi Schmauch
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Serenbetz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Splittorf
Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Squitieri M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Al Stauderman
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Tomeny
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vanderslice
Mr. & Mrs. Damon N. Vocke
Ms. Susan Wall
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wernig
Ms. Helen Whitten
Ms. Nancy J. Wiese
Mr. &. Mrs. Thomas Paul Wilcox
Bankwell Financial Group, Inc.
Dr. Kevin J. Craw, Veterinarian, P.C.
Devan Chevrolet Buick of Wilton
Fairfield County Bank
Fidelity Charitable (John D. Ambler)
Georgetown Financial Group (Susan B. Schaefer)
Gregory and Adams, P.C.
Halstead Property
Mad Macy Restaurant Group (Marlys)
MCL Piersall, LLC
Mills & Mills Agency Inc.
The Nickel Foundation (Al Nickel)
Open House Gift Shop
Paragon Realty LLC
River Road Gallery
Signature Style
The Shoff Foundation, Inc. (Tom Adams, Trustee)
Taber J. Gregory Sawmill, LLC
Tens Asian Bistro LLC (Reiki Sushi)
Village Market Inc.
Westwood Flooring, Inc.
Wilson Properties (Leland Wilson)
Wilton Chamber of Commerce
Wilton Center Travel Ltd. (Judy White)
Wilton Electric Co. Inc.
Wilton Garden Club
Wilton Hardware LLC (Tom Sato)
Wilton Library Association