Driving around town it’s impossible not to be swept up in the spirit of the holiday and the beauty of the season. We’d love to share more images from around town. Have neighbors with a beautiful lights display? See a charming New England Christmas view? Spot a creative snowman made on a snow day off from school?

Snap a picture and email it to editor@goodmorningwilton.com. We’ll add it to this growing album.

The first shot sent to us was from Carey Field–you’ll know her from Wilton Magazine, as well as her time as a Minks to Sinks volunteer and a great writer. She spotted the scene captured in the main image of this article, and she wrote:

“Whether you believe or not, you have to smile at the scene on display on Hurlbutt Street. Some creative resident took the time to build this vignette —  a scene straight out of Santa Land. After all those late night deliveries last Christmas, Santa has apparently washed his outfit in preparation for another midnight run this year.”

Old Huck tree


Photographer Peggy Garbus of Peggy Garbus Photography spotted this lovely Christmas Tree out in the woods on her walk on Old Huckleberry Rd. She likes to think there’s a Christmas Fairy who decorated it. We think it’s probably just the elves…  

A reader who lives in the neighborhood mentioned on Facebook that a neighborhood resident has been decorating the tree like this for the last 3-4 years.

Shortly after, another reader added, “You mean, Mrs. Claus?”




large cat north wilton We spotted this photo of a bobcat on a Wilton friend’s Facebook page. She took the photo on Friday, Dec. 13 outside her north Wilton home. It’s one of the clearest shots we’ve ever seen of a big cat. She said the cat was just sunning himself, trying to stay warm.









We spotted these fellows at Marvin Gardens, up on Rt. 7.  Yes, these are giant red snails. Snails! There were four of them. Doesn’t this just make you so curious? Snails??



This fence on Hurbutt St. was similarly decorated last year, but with a peace sign, a heart and a globe.

This year Santa rules the motif, along with a Christmas tree and a wrapped present. Fun!