First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice‘s frustration was evident in her COVID-19 update to residents on Monday evening, Nov. 16. Not only was there evidence that ages were trending much younger than before in the 23 new cases since Friday, Nov. 13–156% more than a week prior–she admonished residents who don’t follow guidelines, especially when it comes to quarantine orders.

“Wilton’s Health Director Barry Bogle reminds residents, if one member of your household has tested positive for COVID-19, you and all of your household members are required to remain in quarantine.  Do not send your children to school or extra-curricular activities.  Stay home,” she wrote in bold font, adding, “Yes folks, seven months into this pandemic and we have to provide those reminders.”

The ages of the 23 newly-diagnosed Wilton residents ranged from 1-38 years. More glaring was the fact that the majority of cases reported in the last week fell between 11-20 years. Vanderslice broke it down:

“Ages for Wilton’s known cases reported from Nov. 9 through today [Nov. 16] are broken down below. Increasingly, children are acquiring the virus through sports and other activities and spreading the virus within their household:

Age Range% of New Cases

She referenced the decision by Wilton Public Schools superintendent Dr. Kevin Smith, made in conjunction with Bogle and the district’s medical advisor Dr. Christine Macken, to move Cider Mill School to an all-remote learning model beginning Tuesday, Nov. 17. “Again, no new student cases were the result of in-person learning,” she noted.

Vanderslice repeated her plea about residents following precautions.

“As we look at what is happening in our community and across the State, the question is no longer will we return to Phase 1. The question appears to be when and for how long. Recent news on vaccines is wonderful, but it is still many months before we will see widespread access to vaccines in Wilton. We need to be a united team doing each of our parts to minimize the spread and the negative impact the spread is having on our students, our families and our businesses. Please, wear a mask. Please, don’t take unnecessary risks,” she wrote.

Other data reported by the CT Department of Public Health for Nov. 16 (versus Friday, Nov. 13) included:

  • Wilton:  23 new cases; 391 cases year-to-date
  • Statewide:  4,639 new cases, 39% more than one week ago; 5.38% tests positivity; 93,284 cases year-to-date
  • Fairfield County 1,370 new cases;  31,212 cases year-to-date
  • Hospitalized Patients:  Statewide757 with a 98-net patient increase; Fairfield County230, with a 54-net patient increase.
  • Deaths:  Statewide, 4,759 with an increase of 22;  Fairfield County, 1,459, with an increase of 5; Wilton, 43, with no change

Vanderslice included a link to a list of testing centers in neighboring communities available on the Coronavirus page on the Town’s website.