The Junior Leadership group of the Wilton Woman’s Club is an initiative that helps mothers and their daughters in middle and high school work together to provide volunteer support to local non-profit organizations and human interest initiatives.

A group of Junior Leadership girls recently completed a project that encouraged them to delve into Wilton’s history and create a presentation celebrating women in the town’s history, timed perfectly for Women’s History Month. The girls worked closely with Scotty Taylor using her help and the resources from the Wilton History Room in the library.

The women they have researched and written about are:

  • Angeline Matilda Post – a beloved Wilton school teacher from 1903 to 1948
  • Ada Maud Thompson – the first riding instructor at Wilton Pony Club
  • Jane Powell – an actress and singer who starred in movies, television and stage
  • Kathy Leeds – Wilton Library former executive director
  • Ruth Reichl – author (her book Tender to the Bone reflects her early childhood in Wilton)
  • Kristine Lilly – soccer champ

The presentation is on display at Wilton Library now through March 25.

Pictured: (standing l-r) Samantha Victor, Cory McCullough and Mia Elias; (seated l-r) Hayley Sayewitz, Ellie Copley and Ruth Briglin.