Just as the school year winds down, Wilton Continuing Education‘s (WCE) summer programs begin to ramp up. Registration has opened for the many programs that are being offered, and classes will begin on Monday, June 22. The week-long summer programs will be open to children starting in kindergarten up to 10th grade.

This year’s roster boasts classes that promise bigger action, adventure and academic power. In addition to some returning favorites like Red Cross Babysitter Training and SAT Prep, families will find revved-up options like Adrenaline Speed Camp, Lights! Camera! Inter-Action! and Camp Invention!

One area the summer program will put stronger focus on is STEM, which Emily Dowden, WCE program supervisor, intentionally beefed up programming to support. A new program she brought in to start this summer is Camp Invention, an outside program which targets the inventiveness of children in a fun and creative way.

What’s more, Dowden said that not only are the course offerings new and exciting but that she has recruited Wilton teachers to be instrumental in the Camp Invention program as well.

“The person who filled the director’s role was Miller-Driscoll first grade teacher Brian Ennis, who is also a tech instructional leader in the school, and he has his administration degree, which is why we thought he would be a great candidate for the director role. He will be acting as a mini principal for the Camp Invention program, and he oversees the parent liaison and technology piece of it,” Dowden explained.

With WCE offering so much technology subject matter, Dowden said they made an effort to staff up accordingly.

“[Brian] and I talked about recruiting the instructors for it, and they are mostly the tech instructional leaders for the Wilton Public School, such as Jason Greasley, a fifth grade teacher. He goes into the classrooms and works on the technology projects with the teachers and the kids. Also, Tim Ley, who is a social studies teacher over at Middlebrook, and Amy Korn at the high school. The three of them will be instructors for any technology based courses.” In addition, first grade teacher Jennifer Hnath will help out as assistant director.

Brian also hired leadership interns, to act as counselors in training (CITs). There are currently three CITs, along with nine leadership interns who will be working this summer.

Dowden says the program aims to provide a quality community service too. “It really encompasses a lot of the community which is great. We give these kids the opportunity to come in and participate in a STEM, full day camp.”

Being able to incorporate an existing curriculum was a plus for the overall summer teaching agenda, Dowden explains.

“For Camp Invention, our new program, they contacted us and said, ‘We have the curriculum and this is what it’s going to be. They are connected with the National Inventors Hall of Fame and the U.S Patent Office, and that’s how they come up with the curriculum. It’s based on who’s been awarded, such as inventor of the year,” Dowden said. 

For more information on the programs (including dates, prices, age range, etc.) or to register, visit the Wilton Continuing Ed. website.

Below is a list of all the WCE program offerings:


  • Sock-it-to-me All Stars
  • Tennis
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Wednesday Night Lacrosse Club
  • Adrenaline Speed Camp
  • Climbing Adventures
  • Flag Football
  • RunFit
  • Lacrosse

Special Interest 

  • Babysitter’s Training by the Red Cross
  • Lights! Camera! Inter-Action!
  • Cooking with Fork, Knife & Spoon
  • Engineering FUNdamentals

Academics – STEM

  • Camp Invention!
  • Writing With Power
  • Reading & Writing Workshop
  • Jump Into Advanced Math 6
  • Jump Into Algebra 1
  • Jump Into Algebra 2 and Geometry
  • PSAT 8/9 Prep

Editor’s note:  the article has been updated to clarify the program description and how Camp Invention fits within the WCE program.