Megan Hanny (L) presented the senior class gifts and Olivia Newfield (R) presented the closing remarks. (photos: GMW/Lori Buchanan)

Megan Hanny, Senior Class Vice President: “I’m so excited to be able to share the senior class gifts on behalf of the Class of 2022. With the funds we have accumulated over the past four years, we will be designating the money to two different projects. Half of the funds will be used towards constructing and designing Wilton High School’s outdoor classroom, to create a special place where students can work together, learn and grow. The other half of the funds, we are proud to announce, will be donated to the George DiRocco Memorial Fund to honor our loved classmate, friend, athlete, and of course, Warrior. Next up, Olivia Newfield will be delivering the closing. Thank you.”

Olivia Newfield, Senior Class President: “Before I start, I would like to thank everyone who has played a part in today’s event. To all the staff and faculty members, parents, grandparents, friends, cousins, pets, anyone who has helped us seniors get to where we are today, we appreciate you all. Thank you.

“My name is Olivia Newfield and I have had the honor of serving as class president for this amazing class the past four years. As seniors, it’s impossible not to stop and think about how time has flown. It’s impossible not to reminisce and think back to the days, weeks, months, years we’ve spent together. Many of us have grown up together slowly making our way down Rte. 7 to get to where we are today, with new students coming and going along the way. After all of these years, from Field Day to Fifth Grade Fun Night to ice cream socials, to freshman orientation, to assassin to the unforgettable [Senior] Prank, back to Field Day again, we have made millions of memories.

“Growing up in a small town, it’s easy to wish for more. On the nights when you and your friends have exhausted every entertainment option available and just resolved to spend the night sitting in [the senior parking lot], you wish the town were a city. On the days when you walk into CVS, looking your worst and see someone from school, you wish the town were large enough to hide you. But today, as we graduate together as a class of 275, I don’t wish anything different. Something about the cramped hallways now seem so comforting, full of friends and laughter and struggling freshmen. Despite the endless complaints I made when trying to turn into the H, seeing it empty after we all left the building made me almost wish for the crowd again. I will even miss running into people when I couldn’t look less put together. Most importantly, I will miss this class.

“As we step across the stage and enter the next chapter of our lives, we take off on our separate journeys. When we were given our school emails, prefixed with the famous 22, 2022 seemed so far away, almost unreal. Today, we arrive at the exact moment our childhood has prepared us for.  This is the year we’ve been waiting for — except no one ever told us what would happen after that random day in June of 2022 that we thought was too far away to even imagine, but here we are, we’ve made it.

“And now that we stand here together for the last time as the Class of 2022, I know that each and every one of us will step off this field into the future and make a difference. We all have new dreams to look forward to, leaving 2022 behind as a cherished memory. I’m so proud of us all. As the yearbooks would say, ‘HAGS.’

“This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. You may now take your tassel and move it from right to left. We’ve officially done it. Congratulations!”