Wilton finally got an amazing bakery when Pastry Hideaway opened last year, so it was no surprise that people were shocked and upset to find out that the eatery had suddenly closed a week ago. But today, there’s a glimmer of hope that Wilton is about to get its hidden slice of pastry heaven back.

On Saturday, Jan. 27, Pastry Hideaway’s owner/chef Pamela Graham posted an announcement on Facebook to let Wilton know that something was up.

Graham taped the same message to the bakery’s front door, just below another upsetting note there as well–the red Health Department “CLOSED” order taped to the front door.

Both Graham and Wilton’s health director Barrington Bogle were understandably tight lipped early this week about exactly what was going on. Noting that the investigation was “still open,” Bogle said he didn’t want to comment too early, because he didn’t want any preliminary comments to negatively impact the property owner or tenants. He did say, “I can assure you that the issue is being addressed at this time and that there is no danger to the public health.”

The building deed is held by a New Canaan-owned company called Amist, LLC, which is registered to Ajay Teredesai, and Dr. Monica Teredesai–the latter is the dentist whose Smile Art Orthodontist office is located on the upper floor of the building. A message left for Teredesai at her office on Thursday was not returned.

Layered into whatever building maintenance problems were cropping up now was the fact that similar building problems had caused significant delays right before Pastry Hideaway opened in May 2017. At the time, interior flooding and leaking forced Graham to delay opening by a few months after she signed her lease. As a result, the space required extensive renovations before she could officially open.

Judging by a quick look inside the restaurant midweek, this time the recent problems didn’t appear to involve any damage or interior mess. Display case shelves were empty but tables were neatly ordered with chairs on top, almost like the store was waiting to be opened for a typical business day.

By midday Thursday, things appeared to be improving, as Bogle said the closure order will likely be lifted Friday. In an email to GOOD Morning Wilton, he wrote:

“The problem was that of a blocked sewer line that occurred on Thursday, Jan. 25. A professional, licensed plumber was hired to ‘camera’ the line. The camera showed a clear line and that the flow was moving well at the time of inspection. The facility has since been cleaned and sanitized by a professional cleaning service, and it is my intention to lift the order tomorrow. However, further investigation is needed to ensure that this does not happen again.”

As for exactly when the restaurant will open remains to be seen but with any hope, it will be very soon after the Health Department gives its okay and lifts the order. Fingers crossed, residents will have their Wilton Center source for croissants, monkey bread, cupcakes and more back up and baking again very soon, and that they’ll flock back not just to enjoy everything that’s made there but also to support the local, family-owned artisanal GOOD place that Pastry Hideaway is.