News that Ridgefield’s Prospector Theater posted a photo suggesting it was moving into the movie theater in the Wilton River Park shopping center wasn’t GOOD news to at least one entity–the current occupant of the River Rd. space, Bow Tie Cinemas.

Joseph Masher, the COO of Bow Tie Cinemas says the movie theater chain has had absolutely no interactions with anyone from the Prospector. “Not at all.”

As for the post the Prospector put on Facebook? “It’s clearly photoshopped, they published a photoshopped photo. The sign is on the building, your article says our sign has been removed from the building, that is harmful to our business,” Masher told GOOD Morning Wilton.

[Editor’s note:  We’ve confirmed the Bow Tie Cinemas sign is definitely still on the building, and have updated our previous article to reflect that.]

Masher says Bow Tie Cinemas–a family-owned business that coincidentally is also located in Ridgefield–has not been approached by anyone at the Prospector.  “I have not spoken to the Prospector, I don’t know them.” Nor have representatives of the two movie theaters had any discussions:  “Zero,” Masher emphasizes.

The company’s lease for the space in the Kimco-owned development is current, solid, and theirs, according to Masher, and Bow Tie has no plans to transfer that lease to the  Prospector.  “We are not vacating until the end of our lease, and maybe not even until then,” he says, declining to specify when that lease is up.

Kimco’s spokesperson Jennifer Maisch tells GMW that, “Bow Tie Cinemas is still our  tenant and is still in the space,” and added, “That Facebook post is not something that Kimco has anything to do with.”

When asked whether Kimco has had any discussion with the Prospector Theater about becoming a tenant, Maisch didn’t say no.:  “It’s our policy that we can’t comment on any ongoing lease negotiations whether with existing or potential tenants.” She also declined to share when Bow Tie Cinemas’ lease was up.

UPDATE–Wednesday evening: Ridgefield Hamlet Hub is reporting that they spoke with the Prospector Theater’s Valerie Jensen who told them that, “While the contract isn’t yet signed, it’s close to being signed!.” Her direct quote to the Ridgefield publication was, “A satellite theater would bring more awareness and appreciation for our important mission.”