photo:  Facebook/Prospector Ridgefield

Editor’s note:  We’ve updated the story to include new information about the Prospector’s original Facebook Post as well as comments from Bow Tie Cinemas’ COO Joseph Masher. The Bow Tie Cinemas signage is still on the face of the building, despite the photo that was posted on the Prospector Theater’s Facebook Page–something Masher says was photoshopped. 

ORIGINAL STORY:  Ridgefield’s Prospector Theater dropped a huge pink hint on Facebook Tuesday night that involves Wilton. It seems the non-profit, first-run movie theater that offers meaningful employment to people with disabilities intends to open up a Wilton location.

The Prospector’s Facebook post included a picture of the organization’s pink-haired founder, Valerie Jensen, standing with two other people in front of Wilton’s Bow Tie Cinemas, flashing thumbs up. A source close to the Prospector confirmed to GMW that the movie theater would be opening a location in Wilton.

original post from Facebook:

UPDATE:  As of Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 13, the post is now pinned to the top of the Prospector Theater’s Facebook feed. In addition, the Prospector Theater appeared to confirm the news by ‘liking’ one of the comments on the original post. That comment asked, “please say that what I’m thinking is happening is what’s happening. That would be so cool”

While the photo posted on Facebook appears to show no Bow Tie Cinema signage on the face of the building, the sign is still currently on the front of the theater as of Wednesday afternoon. Bow Tie Cinemas COO Joseph Masher says the image appears photoshopped, something the company is not happy about. He says there is no deal between the two movie theaters and Bow Tie Cinemas has no plans to leave its current Wilton location. We have published a separate piece with Masher’s comments to GMW.

UPDATE, Wednesday evening:  Earlier this afternoon, the original post disappeared from the Prospector Theater’s Facebook page. However, we have a screen shot of the original post.

That section of Kimco’s Wilton River Plaza where the movie theater is located, at 21 River Rd., has seen significant development and movement in the last six months. Town Center Toys opened in the visible corner location right on River Rd. in July; a new lifestyle and gift boutique called Classically Cate arrived in mid October; and an açaí bowl and smoothie juice café called SoBol will be opening soon.

According to the Prospector Theater’s website, the organization is “committed to competitive and integrated employment.” Approximately 75% of the employees, known as ‘Prospects,’ self-identifies with a disability, and are “involved at every level of the Prospector’s mission–selling tickets, popping popcorn, filming, hosting events, editing, programming, landscaping, service learning, marketing, information technology, strategic planning, graphic design, game design, writing grants, baking, costume-making, and so much more!”

The original Prospector Theater was opened almost exactly five years ago, in November 2014.

GOOD Morning Wilton has reached out to Prospector representatives for details and official confirmation. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

UPDATE:   Prospector spokesman Mike Santini declined any official comment “at the moment,” and asked GMW to “circle back in a few weeks.” In addition GMW reached out to the Kimco representative for Wilton River Park for comment about any discussions between the property owner and the Prospector.

UPDATE:  Wednesday evening–Ridgefield Hamlet Hub is reporting that they spoke with the Prospector Theater’s Valerie Jensen who told them that, “While the contract isn’t yet signed, it’s close to being signed!.” Her direct quote to the Ridgefield publication was, “A satellite theater would bring more awareness and appreciation for our important mission.”