Sis, we’re about to spill the Tea on the newest store in Wilton Center, one that is for realz going to be very popular with teens, VSCO girls, and basically anyone who knows what Instagram is.

Classically Cate just opened last Friday, and while it may have ‘classic’ in the name, it’s everything about what’s in right now.

Owner Caitlyn Finnecy grew up in Wilton and graduated from Wilton High School in 2014. She’s geared the store to a younger market that loves what’s trending.

“This is the one thing that we’re kind of missing, a youthful boutique-type store where kids can come in and shop, parents can come look for a quick gift for their kid. I’m trying to make it your one-stop shop. You can come in and you can get a phone case. You can get hair products. You can get bath products. You can get a gift. You can get something for yourself. Just recently I did a big order for bridal party t-shirts, which were super fun,” she says.

Her shelves are lined with merch that younger Wilton will love–scrunchies, environmentally friendly metal straws and reusable tumblers, organic skincare and makeup, jewelry, the full Sun Bum line, and more.

“I did a survey before I opened and asked people what they thought about hours, what they thought about merchandise, price points and kind of got feedback that way. So I had them help me curate my inventory, which I really liked. It gave me more of an idea of what people were looking for,” Finnecy says.

Her favorite items in the store?

“That’s hard to say. I love the Quai sunglasses. It’s a really popular brand on Instagram and social media and influencers, and they’re a pretty affordable price point. Katie Loxton’s another really great brand. Everything’s at a pretty low price point, but it’s also environment conscious since it’s all vegan.”

Finnecy got her start creating her own lifestyle and beauty blog while she was still a student at the University of Miami, where she graduated with a degree in psychology.

“I transitioned to doing something more creative. I was really into makeup, and got my degree to become a makeup artist. From there I branched off into beauty merchandise and grew into this whole aspect of creating a space where I have products that you can use for yourself.  I made custom t-shirts, makeup bags, tumblers, mugs–really unique products, but also things that are great for a gift,” she says.

“I’ve always kind of been drawn towards more creative things. So makeup is my latest outlet for creativity and now it’s translated into this. All the t-shirts I design and hand-make myself. Most of the mugs and everything that have designs on them, I’ve designed and hand-made myself.”

Many of the items in the store can be customized and personalized as well. “I love to work with customers to figure out what it is that they envision and then help them make that come to life,” Finnecy adds.

Most of the products that Classically Cate carries ranges between $20-$40, with a few outliers, including a jewelry line called Love AJ, which ranges from $45-$130. The store will be open seven days a week, and Finnecy will eventually offer buy online, pickup in store, as well as local delivery to Wilton. She’s also open to hosting girls’ nights, birthday parties and makeup lessons.

True to her generation, she’s happy to give out the store cell phone number (203.216.3795) where people can text her instead of calling. And the store accepts Apple Pay.

Classically Cate is nestled in the Wilton River Park shopping center (21 River Rd.), in what’s turning into a very interesting block–the boutique is just a few doors down from Starbucks; across the street is Wilton Center Toys and Sobol, the açaí bowl and juice bar cafe, will be opening across from the Bow Tie Cinema in just a few weeks too.

Finnecy is looking forward to that as well as how her store will evolve.

“We’ll do custom jewelry, I’m going to have those big chunky knit blankets for the winter. More stuff is on the way. I want to make sure the store is kind of a dynamic environment, too, where everything’s changing and making sure that it is reflective of what people are looking for, but also seasonal things and just kind of keeping up to date with everything.”