BREAKING NEWS–Saturday, June 2, 11:00 A.M.:  In a surprise move, Wilton selectman Michael Kaelin has informed the Board of Selectmen that he intends to step down from his seat, effective June 30.

The agenda for next week’s BOS meeting on Monday, June 4, includes an action item titled “Vacancies” and among the handful of town board openings the board will be discussing includes an item that reads “BOS Michael Kaelin.” GOOD Morning Wilton has confirmed that Kaelin will be stepping down.

Kaelin has served on the BOS since being appointed in November 2014 to replace the departing Hal Clark. He was then elected by voters for the first time in November 2015. He was chosen by his fellow board members to serve as second selectman to First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice until this past November, when the BOS voted to make Dave Clune second selectman instead.

This announcement is not the first time Kaelin has surprised the town since taking office. In December 2016, the longtime Republican and former chair of the Republican Town Committee announced he had decided to become unaffiliated from the GOP, which he discussed in a candid interview with GMW.

In that same interview, Kaelin described what he initially set out to do as a selectman.

“My personal goal was to instill more trust and confidence in the people who are serving on all the boards and commissions in town, including the BOS, but every other board and commission.”

GMW has reached out to Kaelin and other town officials for a comment about his resignation, and will update as soon as we hear from him.


UPDATE, 12:15 p.m.–Vanderslice emailed the following comment:

“On behalf of the Town, I would like to thank Mike Kaelin for his service and his contributions while a member of the Board of Selectmen for the last three-plus years. Mike has a long history of diverse service in town government and Wilton politics, including serving as vice chair of the last Charter Commission, as a Board of Selectmen Trustee on the Wilton Library Association Board and as a chair of the Republican Town Committee.

“The Board of Selectmen is responsible for filling the resulting vacancy. Interested residents are encouraged to submit their name for consideration. Those affiliated with a party, are required to contact their party for nomination. Unaffilated residents are required to submit a nominating petition. Information on petitioning is available by contacting Jackie Rochester in my office.”