This Tuesday, Oct. 25, at 7 p.m., candidates running to represent Wilton residents in the Connecticut General Assembly will face off at two candidate debates, hosted by the Wilton League of Women Voters, Wilton Library Association, and GOOD Morning Wilton.

The debates will be held at the Wilton Library in the Brubeck Room.

The first debate will feature candidates running for the 42nd State House District seat: Keith Denning (D) and Kim Healy (R). The second debate will immediately follow, with candidates for the 26th State Senate District seat: Toni Boucher (R) and Ceci Maher (D).

The candidates will answer questions submitted by residents in one of two ways: in person at the debate or in advance via email. Constituents are invited to submit questions for the candidates before the debates begin, provided that they follow these guidelines:

  • Include your full name.
  • Submit only one question per email.
  • All questions must be applicable to all candidates and pertinent to state issues; questions targeted at one specific candidate will not be accepted.
  • All questions will be screened for legibility and duplication, and may be combined or condensed.

For anyone attending in-person at the library, index cards will be provided during the debate for constituents who wish to submit written questions from the floor.

Constituents can watch the debates live either in-person at the Wilton Library or online on the GOOD Morning Wilton livestream. To attend in person, register through the Wilton Library’s registration link.

Additional information on the debate format and rules for questions to be submitted can be found on the Wilton League of Women Voters website.