CIAC: No Decision to Cancel Spring HS Sports–Yet

BREAKING NEWS, March 18, 1a:45 a.m.–The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) announced today on its website that it is holding off from cancelling the spring sport season, for now.

“Following an online meeting with nearly 70 school, athletic and governmental leaders CIAC reached a consensus that canceling the entirety of the spring sports season is premature at this time,” the announcement read. “There is a strong desire to provide student athletes some spring athletic experience if possible. Any plan for spring sports will need to adhere to the guidelines from the Governor’s office, Department of Education and health experts regarding the potential reopening of schools to establish a specific time frame.”

“These are unprecedented challenges for our schools, and it is of the utmost importance that we provide answers and a structure to support our membership and maintain the possibility of a spring sports experience for our student-athletes,” CAS-CIAC executive director Glenn Lungarini stated. “CIAC understands the value of providing students a spring sports experience, if possible. However, the health and safety of our communities must remain at the center of our decision making.”

According to the statement, the online meeting discussion emphasized that while student-athletes may want to begin preparations for a potential season, students should respect the recommendations for social distancing and avoid group activities prior to the approved time “…[to help keep] athletes safe and allow for the season to begin in a timely manner if approved.”

CIAC officials also noted that the timeline for any return as well as the season itself is uncertain, and “…requires the understanding that any plans to begin spring sports will be fluid and should have the ability to reflect the different needs of different school communities.”