The Circle of Care‘s annual 5K is one of the big fundraisers each year for the Wilton non-profit. So instead of letting the current COVID-19 quarantine get in the way and cancel the event, the organizers got creative by turning the event into a virtual 5K. Participants were able to individually complete their races at any point over the weekend and help support the organization.

Running the event this way might have actually been a boost to Circle of Care’s efforts. Co-founder Elizabeth Salguero reports that 574 participants in 17 states took part. There were 45 groups participating as teams, and the largest team had 55 members.

The best part was how much the organization was able to raise:  donations totaled just under $29,000. which Salguero called “beyond amazing.”

Circle of Care shared a fun video from one couple who took part, Wilton residents Andy and Zellie Pforzheimer. The duo dared each other to see if they could raise $5,000 in donations from friends. If they did, they pledged to run the race in unusual attire:  Andy would wear a dress, and Zellie would don a potato sack.

Their friends rose to the challenge:  the Pforzheimers raised $16,000–and kept their promise. It was all captured on video.