Writing last night’s COVID-19 update, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice was informative, just as she has been for the previous 50 updates. But in Sunday’s message to residents, she was also angry and had a stern warning for residents “who don’t think the rules apply to them.”

“Now, I want to address the minority of Wilton residents, who don’t think the rules apply to them. Those who think it is okay to ignore the Governor’s order that there should not be any gathering of more than five people. Those who think they don’t need to wear a mask in public, even though they don’t qualify for the exemption of those for whom the mask creates a health problem. Those who wait for the taxpayer-funded field monitors to finish up for the day and then promptly trespass onto the closed fields. Well folks, the rules apply to you and your family members.

“By not following the rules you are prolonging the economic and health crisis. You are putting the rest of us at risk. You are extending the time that the rest of us have to wear masks and not see our family members and friends. And you are wasting your fellow taxpayers’ money. A proposal to partially open tennis courts and fields will cost taxpayers over $60,000 because you or your child doesn’t follow the rules.

“We don’t want to begin arresting people as is being done in other municipalities.  This is a highly contagious virus. Take it seriously, be a role model for your children, that is your job. Just as it is my job and that of Wilton’s emergency responders, to ensure the safety of all Wilton residents, even you and your family.”

In contrast, Vanderslice thanked residents who she lauded for “putting community first” during the eight weeks since Wilton’s first Coronavirus case was reported.

“I would like to thank the residents, who are following the Governor’s order, and are putting community first. I would also like to thank the residents who are spending countless hours volunteering, whether making masks and face shields, calling seniors, delivering food to homebound residents, health care workers, and emergency personnel and to those of you who have donated to fund those deliveries or have donated to the efforts or the food pantry. Lastly, I would like to thank our residents and employees, who are on the front lines of this virus.

She also announced the winners of the first week for the town’s contest, “Eat Local, Win Local”:  Eliza Doolittle, Jim Garberding, Soo Young Lee, and Libby Sauter. Vanderslice thanked residents for continuing to support Wilton restaurants and reminded everyone that another week’s contest began Sunday.

Weekend Announcements

Vanderslice’s issued other updates over the weekend. On Saturday, she answered questions about road paving, currently underway in Wilton.

  • “Is there a way to find out when my road is being paved?  Yes. A list of roads to be paved in the current calendar year is available on the Town website. The list is broken down by ‘roads in progress’–meaning prep work has begun or is completed; and ‘roads to be scheduled’–meaning prep work hasn’t begun. Roads to be paved during the upcoming week are Highview, Glen Hill, and Hidden Lake. The schedule is weather dependent, as paving cannot occur in the rain.
  • “When the prep is completed for my road, does that mean it is paved the next day?  No. Because we had a milder March, we were able to begin prep work earlier than in a typical year. As such, the lead time between when the road prep is completed and the road is paved has been lengthened. Road prep applies to catch basin work. Our paver performs both the millwork and the paving, so there isn’t a lag between those two processes, as often occurs in other towns.
  • “Will road paving continue without the May Annual Town Meeting vote on funding for roads?  Yes. We have the funds to pave the roads through much of the fall. To allow for additional funding, we expect to have the question on the presidential ballot in November.”

Vanderslice also commented on an accident that occurred on Friday, May 1, in which a pedestrian was hit by a motor vehicle. She cautioned that with more residents taking to the roads to walk during the quarantine, both drivers and pedestrians need to be very aware and modify their behavior.

  • “If you are walking on the sidewalk in Wilton Center, wear a mask as it is not possible to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other pedestrians. Walking into River Road is not the appropriate alternative to wearing a mask. Doing so potentially puts you, the other pedestrian and the driver of a vehicle in danger.
  • “When driving on Wilton roads, slow down and anticipate pedestrians.
  • “As most Wilton roads don’t have sidewalks, pedestrians and drivers must share the road. Pedestrians, please walk on the side of the road and in the opposite direction of traffic, as much as possible. Drivers, please slow down. Anticipate pedestrians and when you do pass a pedestrian on the road, not a sidewalk, do so with caution.

After previously informing residents that CT DEEP has resumed stocking fish in the Norwalk River and suggesting residents consider fishing as a good activity for families, Vanderslice wrote about the need for a fishing license. They are required by the State of Connecticut and can be obtained online.